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message 1: by Danelle (new)

Danelle Chase (danichase) | 16 comments I am looking for any type of beta. If grammar is your thing, or if you're great at plot and character development, I would love to have you. I have edited and edited this thing to the point that I can't stand to look at it anymore. Help a girl out? :)

Working title: The Elementists Book 1: The Northern Gale

My back cover blurb:

Kali is a lead warrior for her tribe, but her rise to success can be credited to more than her skills: She is protected by a wind spirit named Zephyrus. For years, she has kept his presence a secret, but when the mercenary Zuni invade her home in search of him, Kali must follow the enigmatic creature into new lands to discover who he is and why they want him. She quickly discovers that Zephyrus isn’t at all what he seems, and her journey will take her right to the doorstep of the person who wants her dead more than anything. She can only hope to survive the encounter.

message 2: by Amandeep (new)

Amandeep Singh | 35 comments Hi there! I'd love to beta reader your story. Would you be interested in story swapping with me? My story is 80k words and is YA.

My story's blurb:

The premise: A superhero story with a twist!

It's the near future, and America has turned into a third world country because of a major economic depression. Sarah is a 16 year old homeless girl who lives in the crime-filled city of New Boston.

Sarah cannot control herself when she see's a crime; she jumps in to help no matter the threat on her own life. When Sarah accidentally ends up taking an action that dooms her whole city and everyone in it, she has no choice but to somehow save the day even though she's a starving girl who can't do a single pushup and can't take a light pinch.

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