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message 1: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
Jack, while talking to his father, Tom, realizes that he has been preaching nothing but, as I like to call it, ‘Fire and Brimstone’. Do you think that shows growth in Jack?

message 2: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
I think it absolutely does. I think he is finally starting to realize what kind of preacher he was. He realized, as he stated, that not one person had ever thanked him for bringing comfort in a tough time.

For me personally, I think that would be really hard to think about. I would hate to think that I have always convicted people, and made them feel bad about themselves, instead of also lifting them up. Sometimes it's good to have a tough convicting message, but there needs to be a balance of uplifting messages as well. You want people to be blessed, and grow from your preaching, not just constantly feel like they aren't good enough.

I think he took how he felt from his father all these years and brought it into his preaching. Since he felt like he was never good enough to his father, Tom, he preached about never being good enough in general.

message 3: by Darlene (new)

Darlene You can tell that really hit him hard. I felt so bad for him because I can see what he was saying about being concerned for everyone's soul. A memorial service may be the only time someone is in church and so I can understand the feeling of we have to get to them while they are here, but it's definitely right time/right place and how you deliver the message. It sounds like he went right to the message with the love and compassion somehow missing.

I do think it shows a tremendous amount of growth to realize how he was coming across and to feel bad about it and not get defensive.

I do also love in this chapter that Tom admitted that he had been guilty of being hard on Jack. "I have been guilty of that, yes. I'm sorry. But I was always loving you. I hope that counts for something, son. Here at the end." Sometimes our intentions are good, but we are giving the message the wrong way. Like father, like son - just like you said Britnie.

message 4: by Michelle (last edited Feb 03, 2017 10:45AM) (new)

Michelle Esparza | 119 comments It's interesting because I bet that if Jack was still a hot shot and everyone's favorite pastor, that he wouldn't have been humbled enough to hear what he did from his dad. I'm guessing that since Jack is currently feeling judged and condemned that when Tom shared what he did, Jack actually heard (if not for the first time), hey you weren't really were causing more pain. Even just a few days ago when he was at the bar, the bartender told Jack that she couldn't finish because it made her feel awful about herself. Rather then listening and thinking about it from the readers point of view, it seemed like his thought process was, "well, good because we should all feel bad because we need to do better." There's still more growth and change needed of course but it seems like Jack is finally getting off his high horse and seeing things for how they really are.

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