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Phoenix~They/Them Mercy arrived and slashed a Heartless as Cora slashes a heartless that nearly jumped on Zora.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora shrugged and said, "You can scold me later." She kicks a heartless, then slashed another.

Mercy shot a fire spell at a heartless.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora dodged an attack and slashed at a group of heartless.

Mercy jumped back but her glasses where knocked off her face. She growled annoyed as she tried finding them.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Why am I not allowed to?))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Dont pout, plus they're not talking to me anyways))

Phoenix~They/Them Cora dodged another heartless, grabs Mercy's glasses and gives them to Mercy. Mercy puts her glasses on.

((Mind if I bring Shara and Lucy to the rescue XD))

Phoenix~They/Them ALEJANDRO wrote: "(( :'( ))"
((Don't feel sad *Hugs*))

Phoenix~They/Them ALEJANDRO wrote: "((sure ill bring sora))"

((Kavy's gonna be Sora))

Phoenix~They/Them ((I said that Kavy will play Sora -_-))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Okay))

Phoenix~They/Them Shara walked in followed by Lucy and frowned "They just like to pop everywhere." She said as her key blade appeared and she slashed a heartless.

Phoenix~They/Them Shara chuckled and blocked an attack. Lucy began to fight Heartless.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora raised her key blade up as well "Yes, lets." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora shoots a lightning spell and a fira spell, which fuses with Zora's fire and ice.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora points her blade at the rest of the heartless.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Nice combo))

Cora smiled "Awesome." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Doesn't Mom use a light spell?" She asked.(I made up the light spell XD)

Phoenix~They/Them Cora said, "Oh, I get it." She giggled.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora smiled at Zora "You're a great brother." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them Shara smiled and watches as Cora follows Zora.

Phoenix~They/Them Shara sighed "Kids will be kids." She said to Sora.

Phoenix~They/Them Shara smiled and kissed Sora's cheek. "Its okay." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them SonicFan wrote: "Shara smiled and kissed Sora's cheek. "Its okay." She said."

Phoenix~They/Them Cora said, "Okay Dad."

Phoenix~They/Them Cora walked to Sora and tackled him with a hug.

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