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What is YA Fantasy? -- Who You Are & Why You Came

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Kasey Spear-Feola (kc_spear) | 5 comments Mod
About Me :)

I am a coastal New England bibliophile that brought more books than clothes when I moved from a small town to a big city. I'm an aspiring novelist (with miles to go before I sleep) and an avid horseback rider.

Why I Read YA Fantasy
It is not that I don't read other novels and I also enjoy traditional fantasy novels (e.g. Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss) but all my favorites are overwhelmingly marketed as YA Fantasy. The question is always why???

What may appeal to me most is that character development is usually more central to a YA novel's theme. Arguably, I may not have read enough "traditional fantasy" but of what I have read (with a few notable exceptions), characters fall secondary to the action. In many of my favorite YA books, their characters vibrate off the pages. The potential for these strong personalities and how they learn or overcome hardships always draws me back for more.

Too many to list. Check out the "Will-Re-Red-Till-I-Die-List" on my profile to see my 'top' books. Most reread to date: Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith.

Tell me about yourself!

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Cori-Anne (cabonfilio) | 1 comments Hey everyone! Just dropping in to liven the discussion up a bit - seems some of you haven't made your way here yet. I've recently started working on the third book in my series, The Hidden Chronicles, and cant wait to put book 1, Hidden, into the world this spring. I read too much for any person with a social life, and hardly ever find time to log my books. It's a new years goal. I love chocolate and pancakes and drink way too much coffee. I am a full time mother, full time behavior specialist and a night writer.
While I do enjoy most genres, I am particular to YA fantasy. I love magic and dragons and beautiful beasts. Harry Potter will always be my go-to comfort food, #ravenclaw, and if you find yourself here at the end of this post, considering the possibility that I just may be your spirit animal, dont worry. You're just as sane as I am.

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