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Chapters 15 to 19

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Hey guys,

today's episode took 4 hours to upload (who could've anticipated that) so I'm sorry for the delay. ;)

This episode is the longest (BUT MY FAVORITE) so far and therefore I provided a timtable (in the description of the video). I totally understand if you don't have the time to watch the whole thing but it means a lot to me if you'll maybe find 2 minutes to watch what is most interesting to you... :) I would highly suggest my „discussion“ of chapter 19 (it's basically just me yelling at Hamilton because he is a stupid hoe and Eliza deserves better).... So yeah. Have a lovely evening! :)

You can watch Episode 4 here:
It's entitled „Hoe don't do it“. :D

AAAAAND I HAVE 4 QUESTIONS FOR YOU (so this is not a quiz … lol … I'm not your teacher ;) I genuinely don't know the answers; so if you do, please help me out) :D

1. Why is John Adams considered a founding father? What has he accomplished so far?

2. Where is Aaron Burr? Is he just going to show up out of the blue after the election of 1800 and shoot Hamilton? (but for real, he's scarcely ever mentioned by Chernow)

3. How where all these letters preserved so that historians today were able to reconstruct the past? Were people not throwing their letters away back then??

4. To whom is Chernow referring with „Dr. Pangloss“? Hamilton? Jefferson? (yeah probably not Jefferson because he's pessimistic af)

Happy Reading! :)

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Shanna (sblack) | 17 comments I'm still reading, just a little over a week behind!

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leynes | 36 comments Mod
That makes me happy! :D

And take it easy, I don't want you to be "in the living room stressing" only to make a reading deadline. ;)))

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Shanna (sblack) | 17 comments Alright. I am actually to chapter 22, so slowly catching back up. All the banking talk didn't have me running back to the book every night. It is interesting learning about how that stuff was created, but just not... page turning content.

Of course I loved hearing about the affair, and wanted to smack Hamilton upside his head, not just for doing Eliza wrong, but for being so naive about the Reynolds.

It took me so long to read this part I'm not even sure what all it covered. I do know that I would love an Angelica biography, and I didn't find one on my quick google search. Somebody should write one and make a ton of money before the time has passed. I thought it was interesting that she interacted with Jefferson so much. I also wondered how was he so wrong about predicting France's future?

Enjoyed the different fighting between Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton. I am not sure if it was this section, but I was pleased to find an answer as to where our political parties stemmed from. I had just been wondering that the other day. Our country is currently putting our constitution and checks and balances to the test, so it is fascinating to hear how it was shaped.

I had never heard the term Dr. Pangloss, but I'm going with it referring to Hamilton, if for no other reason that the chapter titles generally do. John Adams helped draft the Declaration of Independence... or so google tells me. Aaron Burr... is off with Theodosia somewhere maybe. Lawyering away in quiet jealousy. I can't remember your other question

Happy reading!

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Shanna (sblack) | 17 comments Oh yeah, the letters. And hopefully it is obvious that I am guessing with my answers here, but I do think people preserved letters more then. Without photo albums, it was probably a way to preserve the family memories. I think Hamilton would be especially prone to preserving them to help solidify his legacy.

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