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message 1: by Jo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jo | 3 comments I hope it is OK to start a discussion but as I nominated this book and finally read it this month I feel like I should comment. It really is quite an odd book, combining the separation of women into those that would make good housewives and those that work in the fields with addiction to chilli peppers. A pretty weird combination. It's really quite amusing in parts and well worth reading. I attach a review (with some spoilers) that puts things far better than I can.


message 2: by Outis (new)

Outis | 301 comments Yes, of course it's fine to start a discussion.
I'm not sure they'll be many takers though (if you don't know why, see this recent thread).
There's another group member who posted a few thoughts about the book recently.
And in case someone is thinking about picking up the book, they should of course feel free to post in this thread after the end of the month.

Strange Weather Still currently reading here (just picked it up yesterday) and am almost halfway through, so there's definitely interest in discussing! Thanks for the recommendation, Jo; I'm enjoying it thus far and would have never found it otherwise.

Kathleen (kathlil) | 30 comments I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I thought after the couple of chapters, oh it, it's just another typical repressed women dystopian story. But I really enjoyed the plot of the main character being addicted to chile pepper, and her playing dual sides of the Eloi/morlock personalities. And who would have thought a person could become addicted to chiles! I thought they way this plot device was used was very clever. And I was very impressed that this book was originally written in Finnish and translated to English. Maybe we should read more foreign authors!

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