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In Conquest Born (In Conquest Born, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci-fi book about empire, superior race and war. [s]

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Teresa (teresatiger) | 30 comments Okay, I've asked for help with one book before and someone was able to identify it right away but unfortunately, this time I have far less memory of the exact plot or characters.

This is a sci-fi book set in the future, on other planets. I have no idea when it was published but I'm sure it's more modern and not an old-school classic or anything like that. I could have sworn it had "kill" or "war" or something in the title but could be making that up.

Part of the story revolves around a "master race" and, I think, an emperor or guy that's next in line to rule. Their race may begin with an "r" or "z" and I think his name (or some of the names in the book) have a z sound. They have a ton of different forms of their language (like sexual form, formal, casual, angry...it's implied that the exact dialect changes based on their mood or purpose, although it's usually told through narrative and isn't necessarily reflected in the written dialogue).

There's one subplot about a particularly fat, self-indulgent member of this race who eventually gets threatened by someone else and sent off to the military or is forced to get himself in shape and becomes much stronger as a result. The buildings of these people tend to have lots of stairs and they're expected to climb them because their race is supposed to be so perfect and in shape. I also seem to remember this fat guy having one or more concubines or maybe he was in love with one of them but after getting back into shape and becoming a "proper" member of the race, he's not interested anymore. Maybe.

As I recall, this main emperor guy also had a story with a woman. And there was some trouble with his family. There were also some parallel plots, possibly about a spy and maybe some sort of fighting ring or battle on a totally different planet with a totally different species or race.

I realize this is extremely vague but, while I can remember the overall feel of the book and certain scenes, I can't remember anything specific, let alone the title or author. It's driving me a bit crazy! Does this sound at all familiar to anyone here?

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Adele | 1220 comments I believe this is In Conquest Born In Conquest Born (In Conquest Born, #1) by C.S. Friedman I wasn't sure at first because I read this a long time ago, but I went to the Look Inside on amazon and right away found the bit about having a lift or elevator in a home being illegal because stairs encourage physical activity.

Teresa (teresatiger) | 30 comments Yes! That's the one; thank you!

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Adele | 1220 comments You're very welcome :-)

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