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Rina picked names for her children from the seven-letter word
“Mermaid”. Then Rina chose the name Mera for the clan. The mer-folk in
the Mera clan had only three hair colors: raven, brown, or auburn-that
was long for the mermaids and short for the mermen. Their eye colors
ranging from turquoise, blue to green, or indigo or changing with
their mood. They had different colored mer-tails ranging from blend of
two colors, turquoise, fuchsia or indigo. Their skin stones varied
from light brown to bronze and cream. At age of ten the merfolk got a clan
tattoo. The royals only had runes on their lower back and they also
had powers healing, telepathy and visions! The Mera clan had about
three hundred.

There were five Mera clan elders. Their names are Jewel Pearl, Pearl
Regina, Marina, Rina, and Meg.

The current royal merfolk were Pearlyn, Morgan, Leilani, Kaia, and Kiana.

The priestesses were Melody, Merlyn, Merida-Cara’s grand-
mom, and Cara, Leilani’s priestess.

Pearle Reginia (Rina) =Atl

1. Marina
2. Regina Marine

Marina (Marni) Lotus = Jordan Dylan

Coralie and Pearl Regina

Pearl Regina =Ponto Jaden

Jewel Pearl and Marissa -twins

Jewel Pearl =Kai

Lilia (Lily) Pearl, Pearlyn Lily, and Lorelei Regina

Pearlyn =Morgan Pearlus

Leilani Pearl, Kaia Pearl, and Kiana Pearl –Leilani and Kaia are twins

How can I make this better?

Up is a family tree

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The great-grandma is named Pearlei and not Pearl.

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