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*they arrived at the lab*

Phoenix~They/Them Molly got off the mech "Grandpa's old lab." She said.

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"wait your grandpa is dr. blakk!" eli said

Phoenix~They/Them ((Wait didnt Marcus tell him? I thought we decided on Dr. Blakk Being Molly, Marcus, and Seth's grandpa))

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(yeah but marcus didnt tell him bcuz that might make eli think its a trap)

Phoenix~They/Them ((He did though and Marcus did save his kids so I think thats enough to say that Marcus is good. Plus Marcus didn't know much about Eli vs Blakk since he's still young))

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(*sighs* fine)

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah, I told you remember." Marcus said.

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(have him ask to know more about black)

Phoenix~They/Them Molly said, "You know Grandpa Blakk?"

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"yeah he and i were enemies a few years back" eli said

Phoenix~They/Them "A few years back. Don't you mean when you where 15 Dad?" Emma asked.

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"yeah quite a few years im only 35 now though but it only seems like it was yesterday" he said

Phoenix~They/Them ((How is he 25 and have two 15 year olds, he'd need to be 35))

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(nm lol)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Change it XD))

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(there beter?)

Phoenix~They/Them Emma smiled. Molly walked to the lab.

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rooike, and marcus followed the others holding hands

Phoenix~They/Them Marcus smiled at Rookie.

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rookie leaned up and kissed him and said, "im glad we meet"

Phoenix~They/Them Marcus blushed and nodded as they followed the group.

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(wat now?)

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as they caught up they noticed that the others had stopped

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"what is it?" rookie said

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"well?" she promted

Phoenix~They/Them ((Like I said I don't know what to fricking say which is why I'm not commenting))

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(just make sumthin up)

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(u r very talented at this stuff)

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(have his brother attack or have a gang or a bunch of thugs attack them does that work?)

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