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Alaska Jones | 2 comments To celebrate the release of my new book, I'm offering 10 free Kindle copies to Goodreads reviewers.
All you have to do is message me your email (or leave a comment here in this topic) and I’ll gift you a copy through Amazon.

Please read the sample before you sign up.

Assaulted, murdered, and buried in a shallow grave. That's how I would've ended up, if not for him.
A hitman sent by the mob to find and kill my ex-boyfriend, he's rude and bossy, but he saved my life. He locks me in a room and tells me his name is Cage. Think about the irony.
Stuck with him and his demons, I learn more about him than I'd like to know. But it's the things I learn about myself that scare me. I find out that one look at his work-of-art body is enough to awaken wicked fantasies deep within me. I realize that I'm capable of falling for a rugged brute in a matter of days. I learn I like it rough.

He's haunted by his past. I'm terrified of the future. I know he will save me from the thugs that are hunting me.
But first, I have to save him from himself.

CAGED is a standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. 18+

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Caged An Alpha Protector Romance by Alaska Jones

message 2: by Senona (new)

Senona Macias | 3 comments Sounds interesting!


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