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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

Everyone in London knows all about the famous duo: Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion John Watson. What they don't know is the secret that the men kept from everyone but close friends and family members. John Watson has a younger sister, who teaches at Cambridge University.

John and Mary have been married for awhile now and decided to finally go on there honeymoon. Afraid of leaving Sherlock alone, John begs his younger sister to watch over him while he's gone.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) [[ Can we delete the other comments? ]]

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ═════════

first name; Bain
meaning; lives near the clear stream
middle name; Sultan
meaning; sovereign
last name; Watson
meaning; son of Walter

nicknames; Bay, Snow, Watson, Lion, Wizard
aliases; Watson

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ══════════

gender; female
age; 29 years old
dob; March 23rd
pob; Scotland , England
tob; 12:00 A.M.

species; Human
blood type; Type -A

ethnicity; European
nationality; Scottish
race; White
languages; Gaelic, Latin, and English

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ══════════

face claim; Lily Collins
hair; Brown, Short
eyes; Brown/Green
height; 5' 7"
weight; 127 lbs
style; Sophisticated and Stylish
scent; raspberry perfume, paper and forest

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ══════════

general personality;

• Sarcastic
• Stubborn
• Hot-headed
• Sophisticated
• Intelligent

history; tbrpd

• MURDER cases
• Reading/Writing
• Studying/Learning
• Teaching
• Women who throw themselves at men
• Women who "fight" for equality but doesn't think of men
• People who think it's okay to bully/hurt others
• Murderers
• Serial Killers
• Intelligent
• Social
• Straight-forward
• Humor
• Impatient
• Rude
• Sarcastic
• Too Much of an Perfectionist and too sophisticated

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ══════════

father; "unknown first name" Watson
mother; "unknown first name" Watson
sister; Harriet Watson
brother; John Watson

• Mycroft Holmes
• Sherlock Holmes [ sorta ]
• John Watson
• Mary Watson
• Philip Anderson
• James Moriarty
• Sebastian Moran
• Irene Adler

sexuality; Heterosexual
relationship status; Single
crush; Sherlock Holmes

══════════ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ══════════

• Sarcasm
• Karate
• Dancing
• Eidetic and Photographic Memory
• Learning/Studying
• Reading/Writing
• Running/Swimming
title; Dr/Professor Watson
occupation; Professor at Cambridge University
mode of transportation; Car, Ford Anglia
social status; High Class
financial status; Wealthy
[ one of their grandparents favorited Bain and left her their entire estate, workers, money and house, they even left Bain their little bakery that is now being run by someone else ]
theme songs;
• Counting Stars — One Republic
• I'll Show You — Justin Bieber
• History — One Direction

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Ivydance | 43 comments Thanks for asking. XD I was gonna ask cause the lack of cleanliness would have driven me nuts haha. But I wasn't sure if you'd wanna take the time to actually delete them. :3

Love love love the description of her smell. And the fact she knows Latin. (Love Counting Stars, too, heehee.) I liked the last character, but this one I feel is better suited for Sherlock. <3

Feel free to start whenever, and however, since you said you didn't like how the last one turned out. Unless you'd rather I started, I don't mind that either.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) No problem. It would have bothered me too and I would have been itching to delete them.

Thanks, it was kinda hard deciding on what perfume sounded sophisticated and I needed up with raspberry. ^-^ Latin is my guilty pleasure. Counting Stars is amazing, I love the other character too but she just seemed way to complicated. Bain seems way more suited for Sherlock because she can match him in the intelligence field and stubbornness field.

Could you start? Because it's kinda hard for me to begin these kinds of roleplay. ^u^

Also, I touched the idea up a bit.

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Ivydance | 43 comments I think it works! :3 Haha, I freaking love Latin. I'm hoping to end up going to a college that offers it. I hear it's hard, but then after learning it, all the other languages are easier. It's such a beautiful language too. Shame it died out. Yeah, I understand what you mean about her being complicated. But indeed this one can, and I look forward to their interactions. :3

Sure, sure. :) Just don't mind if it's a little short, they'll get longer.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The flat was quiet that Friday morning, to Sherlock's pleasure, and a steady rain tapped on the windows of 221B Baker Street. The man shivered where he sat in his chair by the fireplace, his damp hair freshly cleaned. He was just thinking about how nice a warm cuppa would be when Mrs Hudson walked through the door with a tray.

"Oh! Sherlock! Didn't think you were awake, dear," she smiled, moving to the kitchen to set the tray on the table.

The detective looked over at the clock, reading 6:23 am. Yes, perhaps it was a little early for him, but he was up, so what did it matter? Sherlock rose from his chair and went over to his landlady to get his morning tea.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

I plan on taking in college too, it's always been a dream of mine to learn Latin.


John Watson was on his way to 221B after he had met up with his younger sister to discuss a few things and so that he could ask her something important, it took hours but John had finally got Bain Watson to watch over Sherlock while Mary and He went on their honeymoon. Upon arriving he paid the taxi driver and then stepped out of the car, the rain bouncing off the new coat he got, he approached the dark green front door and knocked his original knock.

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Ivydance | 43 comments <3

== = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Mrs Hudson gave a small jump when she heard the door while Sherlock paused over his tea. Clients weren't usually so early... John? The landlady smiled to Sherlock, who snagged a biscuit and returned to his chair, and went to answer the door. Finding John, her grin grew and she opened her arms to hug him. "Come in, come in! You're just in time for morning tea." Mrs Hudson stepped aside to let him pass. "Sherlock is upstairs, dear. Why he's awake at this hour I can't be sure, but -" Her rambling seemed to drone out as she followed John up the stairs.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) John didn't bother listening to Mrs. Hudson and decided to interrupt her, "Mrs. Hudson, do you have an extra room? Because I plan on having my sister come over to watch Sherlock and she'll need a extra room if she's to watch Sherlock while she's here," John said. He entered the flat and looked over at Sherlock, " Why are you awake?" John asked him, walking slowly over to the couch and sitting down on it.

(( sorry it's short and doesn't make sense ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( smol boop ))

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Ivydance | 43 comments ((It's okay, we all have our days.))

She had paused and nodded when he asked this. "Oh! Of course, dear, she can have your old room!" She was more than willing to lend the room, but she wasn't sure how well leaving a woman with Sherlock was going to go.

Sherlock looked over, satisfied his speculation was correct as they walked into the room. As for John's question, he avoided it and gave him a smile. "Can't be asleep and still visit with you last time I checked. You're here early. Business? Probably. Importance...? I guess we'll see, hm?"

Mrs Hudson made herself busy by getting a spot if tea ready for John. She really was happy to see him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) John just shook his head in response, " I'm here because Mary and I are leaving for our honey, on this weekend and I wanted to inform you that my sister Bain will be staying here, since I have asked her if she can watch over you while I'm gone, since Mrs. Hudson is too busy doing what she does, Mycroft can barely stand you and you guys would probably end up killing each other, Lestrade would never watch you and there's no one else who's free besides Bain," John said as he answered Sherlock as to why he was here. " Bain is the only one you tolerate so I hope you don't make her hate you," John added as he looked down at his feet before looking back up at Sherlock.

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Ivydance | 43 comments ((Season 4. Mind. Blown. I don't think you'll be disappointed when you finally watch it. I mean...damn. <3))

Sherlock's eyebrows came together at the mention of needing to be watched over. Babysat. What was it with people thinking he needed a watchful eye over him? His mother, Lestrade and the rest of the Yard, Mycroft especially, and now John. He'd lived on his own for years before now, so what was different? His mind drifted over the idea of Bain staying at 221B, but he pushed it away quickly. "John, what makes you think I need a babysitter? Am I not a grown man able to take care of himself?"

Before he could continue, Mrs Hudson giggled as she gave John his tea. "Oh, John. You almost sound like you're trying to get Bain and Sherlock together! Like a couple! It's about time you found someone and settled down, Sherlock, you can't keep running around on cases the rest of your life!"

The detective gave her a look. Why would he bother with any of that? And why couldn't he continue to solve his cases into his later years? If things got too rough, he could always conduct a few chemistry experiments for good measure. He looked back to John, quite skeptical of his friend's true motives. The man ended up shaking his head and sipping his tea, looking away from the both of them and into the fireplace. "Don't make her hate me," he scoffed quietly to himself into his teacup. That would indeed be a task, as most people failed to get along with the famous Sherlock Holmes.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) John rolled his eyes at the both of them, " Im not trying to get my little sister with Sherlock, I'd murder Sherlock if he even attempted to get with my sister, he doesn't know how to properly love a woman and Bain knows too well how to love, and I don't want her heartbroken," John answered Mrs. Hudson. He then turned to Sherlock, " You're a grown man who does drugs smoke cigarettes and gets into more trouble then the average criminal," John replied, " Therefore I have asked Bain to come and watch you so that you don't get into trouble, I won't be here to bail you out and Bain, regardless of the money she has, is forbidden to bail you out," John added.

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Ivydance | 43 comments Sherlock glanced over to John out of the corner of his eye when he answered the older landlady, who sighed and said, "You know, he's never going to learn how if he doesn't learn. Oh, John I know, I know, anyone but your sister. I was just making a point..." The woman bustled away out of the flat and back down to her own, leaving the boys to it.

Sherlock's eyes drifted from Mrs Hudson's back to John again. "I'm clean," he insisted through his teeth. It'd been ages since he'd done any drugs. Well, technically speaking. "And a smoke once in a while never hurts. I don't need to be watched." He looked back at his fireplace. The thought of asking Mycroft to bail him out of jail didn't appeal to him in the least. His brother would be the last person he ever asked for help. But even so, it wasn't like he was in jail often; he'd just be extra careful? Bah, who was he kidding? "And you have nothing to worry about as far as your sister goes. Even if she stayed here, I have no interest in her. Sorry to steal the fun in burying me- " he paused and nodded his head to the side slightly, as if he made a point to himself, which, he had. " -again."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) John sighed, Mrs. Hudson was only looking out for the man in the chair, but John seriously didn't want Sherlock anywhere near his sister like that, not if he could help it, " Bain has no interest in you either, well not that I know of at least," John said replying to Sherlock. " Smoking is bad Sherlock, I'm surprised you haven't gotten lung cancer yet, and also who knows what goes on when I'm not here, Bain is coming here no matter what argument you throw out at me, and don't try the 'I hate Bain' card at all, because I know that's not even remotely true, she's the only woman who doesn't try to get into your pants or belittle you," John said, he stood up as soon as he got a text from Mary. " Bain is coming over tonight after school to go over some ground rules, but because of her busy schedule she might come tomorrow, I expect to hear nothing but good out of her mouth when she tells me how you've acted," John said pointing an index finger at Sherlock.

(( *snorts* I just realized I made John sound like a father...which I know he is in Season 4, but that's only because people post pictures on social media and stuff, I haven't watched season 4 yet, but I will :) ))

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Ivydance | 43 comments He gave John a look that could only ask him if he was joking. "Oh, please. I'm not that bad." Maybe. And John had a point about the goings on here at the flat while he wasn't around. Just the other day, he'd kicked the rear end of a rather terrible assassin and handed him over to Mycroft to deal with. At the mention of Bain coming that night (or perhaps tomorrow), he sighed quietly and rolled his eyes. Ground rules. Lovely. "If you wanted someone to spy on me while you're away, you could have just gone through Mycroft, you know. He'd have been more than happy..."

((Haha, I was thinking along the same lines! Yeah, social media is "dangerous" when it comes to being behind on shows lol. I actually avoided parts of the internet cause I refuse spoilers and get SO upset when people give things away. Do it! So good!))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " You would have figured it out," John answered as he walked towards the door, his eyes glued on his phone as he read Mary's text, he began to wonder something and turned to Sherlock real quick. " Just a small question, you don't feel anything towards my sister correct?" John asked, if was just a normal question, but he was curious, also he'd make sure nothing would happen.

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Ivydance | 43 comments Sherlock shrugged at his comment. Even if he figured out Mycroft was spying on him, it wouldn't have stopped him. His brother tended to spy on him anyways. He'd gone back to his tea when John stood up, but he didn't get a chance to actually sip from it when he was asked another question. Did he feel anything towards Bain? Tolerance, he told himself, despite the strange feeling in his gut. Besides, "John. You know I consider myself married to my work. You don't really think I'd cheat on it, do you?" he asked, not looking at him.

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John couldn't help but short at Sherlock's response, " I wouldn't know Sherlock, you see you're full of mysteries," John replied before leaving the flat and then the building. He texted Mary back before texting his sister, telling net that if Sherlock set one foot out of line tonight or tomorrow to tell him or he'd ask Mycroft.

Bain was too busy working with her students, teaching them and helping them with their little science project, but the buzz of her phone alerted everyone and almost made a few people drop their beakers, flasks and some other miscellaneous objects that people were holding. " Bloody hell," Bain muttered as she set down her protective gloves and the flask she had been holding, she walked over to her desk and picked up her phone. Bain sighed and shook her head, " If he keeps talking about his dumb boyfriend Sherlock, I swear to god I'm going to turn John into a cadaver for my science class," Bain growled as she texted her dear brother back, telling him to stop texting her while she's in class and focus on getting himself ready for the Honeymoon. After receiving an 'Are you alright?' text, Bain shoved her phone into her pocket after shutting it off and went back to work, all the while making a mental list of ground rules in her mind as she worked with students, who all loved her and made sure not to get on her bad side, since Bain Watson could easily kill someone without anyone finding out and then could hide the body without anyone find it.

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Ivydance | 43 comments By the time John had left, the sun was already shining into the window. Sherlock sighed, accepting the fact the world would be waking with said sun (which apparently didn't revolve around the Earth). The clock above the fireplace read 7:59. It was eight o'clock already? Time to get busy, then.

Setting aside his teacup, Sherlock went and used his bathroom, then sat himself at the desk behind his chair to open up his computer for a bit of research on any new cases. If there were any. He received a message from his brother, believe it or not.

You'll have your work cut out for you now, won't you, Sherlock?

He sent his brother a question mark. Was there some secret case Mycroft was about to explain, or-

John's sister.

Sherlock's hopes vanished and he proceeded to ignore him.

You will try to be nice, now, won't you?

He still refused to answer. It wasn't Mycroft's business no matter how much he thought it was.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) [[ feel free to shut this idea down, but what if Bain and Mycroft had a very close friendship that went deeper then any friendship you'd normally have with someone? Just an idea I had, but if you don't like it, I'm okay with that ^-^ ]]

After class ended, Bain sat at her desk as she waited for her next class to file in. She was bored and decided to go and read John's blog, to see if anything interesting was up on it now, and hoped that it wasn't more pictures of him and Mary. Bain loved her brother dearly and loved Mary as well, but it was getting tiring and boring to keep seeing picture of them hanging out or being cute together. Bain shuddered at the image of her being cute and cuddly with someone and hoped to god that she never got like that, she loved being her sarcastic, stubborn, cold self, it complimented her and that's what people kept saying they loved about her. She was going to log into her computer when a student approached her desk and cleared their throat, " Yes?" Bain asked as she saw the student. " Uh...I was bring to you..." the student said, she stuttered with fear in her eyes, causing Bain to yank the gift from the student and sending her off to her seat. Opening the gift, she raised an eyebrow when she saw a jar of peanut butter, " Oh daddy," Bain murmured with a chuckle, Bain had a obsession with Peanut Butter and when her father had a feeling, he always sent Peanut Butter to help her through out the day. She put the gift to the side and stood up, the final bell rang and her students looked up from whatever they were doing.

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( When you say had, you mean that they don't anymore? I think it may add some drama later down the road. :3 If not, or even if so, tell me more. :3

Haha, I used to have a very similar mindset as her as far as relationships go.))

"Brother, mine, it's rude to ignore your elders."

Sherlock took a deep breath and sighed in a rather annoyed fashion. "And it's rude to waltz into someone's living space without an invitation."

Mycroft fiddled with the end of his umbrella and gave his younger brother a thin smile. "Oh, come now, Sherlock, we're family, aren't we?" He was cast a look in response to that. "...Anyways. I was in the area and decided to stop by to make sure you were alright."

Brows furrowed, Sherlock turned his head to Mycroft. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well! To my understanding, brother mine, you'll have a woman of all things staying here with you."

Sherlock closed his computer a little harshly and sat there, rather tense, refusing to look at him. How dare his brother come here to interrogate him about Bain! He and John both. What was wrong with being the way he was?? Would they all rather he be a womanizer??

"Women aren't exactly a specialty of yours, Sherlock, and this one is linked to your best friend. I wouldn't mess anything up."

The detective stood roughly at this and stiffly nodded towards the door. "Get out."

Mycroft raised his eyebrows at him expectantly. "Sorry?"

"I said leave. I'm not a child and I can damn well take care of myself."

The man twiddled with his umbrella again and rocked back and forth on his feet. Clearly, he was getting nowhere with this, so there was no point in fighting further. "John worries about you, you know. But if you insist, brother mine." He turned to leave, but paused at the door, his back to his brother. "She likes peanut butter, you know. It's a favorite of hers." When he received no answer, Mycroft continued out. "Goodbye, Sherlock, and remember what I said..."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( I meant has, not had, the s and the d are next to each other and it's hard to type the exact letter when you type like a mad man, also same, I was exactly like Bain before I had boyfriends and such ))

Bain was bored after telling her class what to do, she decided to text Mycroft to see if he wanted to go for coffee after school before she went to Sherlock's, she walked over to her desk and grabbed her phone. She smiled a bit before she sent the text and then put her phone into her pocket, some students raised their hands to ask questions, she made her way through the lab benches and went to each individual student to answer questions. " Simpletons," Bain mutters under breath as she walked around to see how others were doing on the experiments.

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( This is why I asked. :) But I'd be cool with it! Yep! They change everything. <3 I gotta go for a bit again, so sorry if it's a little short, but I'll be back. ))

As Mycroft made his way down the cement stairs back to his ride, his phone buzzed, causing him to pause and check it. Bain? Perhaps she wanted to talk... After nodding and smiling to someone he almost knocked into on the sidewalk, he got into his car and made his way to the university. Upon arriving, he paid a visit to her class. Perhaps it'd be interesting to see how the next generation was coming along in their studies. Coming to the door, he made a few small knocks and waited.

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Bain was about to introduce her class to their next assignment when there was a knock on her classroom door, students began to whisper, seeing an odd man near the door. Bain chuckled, " Of course he comes now and not when I'm done with work," Bain said and made her way to the door, she opened it and smiled softly at the man in front of her, " Hello Mikey, come on in, I was just going to introduce my students to their next assignment, feel free to sit at my desk or in the back, just don't stand somewhere where you'll distract the bloody simpletons," Bain said, whispering the word simpleton.

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( Oh man. If Sherlock heard her call Mycroft that, he'd never let the guy live it down! XD ))

Mycroft smiled and stepped into the room, observing the class. He even went so far as to puff out his chest a bit and stand a little taller; whether these students knew it or not, he was a very important man with connections left and right. "Bain, dear, must I ask you again to not call me Mikey?" he asked quietly, low enough to keep from the ears of the students. Yes, the two were close, but he still didn't care for the nickname either way. He tended not to mind as much when they were alone, but in public? He had his reputation to uphold. Not that she ever listened about it, but he would remind her all the same. "I'll be over here," he told her as he pointed his umbrella towards her desk, figuring he'd have a nice view of the students from there without disturbing them, as Bain had asked.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( Oh I know XD I think in season two their mother called him Mikey and Sherlock retaliated by sneering the nickname moments later XD, I think ))

Bain always forgot that Mycroft hated being called that in public and she immediately felt a bit guilty for that, " My apologies," Bain whispered to Mycroft before clapping her hands together once and turning to her class. The students were whispering amongst themselves, wondering who the hell the man in the suit was and why he was being so friendly with their teacher. " If you all must know, this is a special friend of mine, Mycroft Holmes, do not call him anything but Mr. Holmes whenever he's here," Bain said, introducing him. The students all opened their mouths to shout individual greetings, but Bain shushed them with a quick wave of her hands, " You aren't here to make friends with people, you're here to learn about the miracle of science around you, from the universe we reside in, to the earth beneath our feet," Bain said harshly, to gather some of her students attentions, which had drifted off to Mycroft, whom she couldn't say wasn't attractive or anything, but it was going to be hard to teach if her students couldn't pay attention.

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Ivydance | 43 comments ((Bahaha! Now that you mention it, I think I remember that! But it would have been season three, I think, when they were at Christmas and Mary was there too?))

Mycroft sat quietly for a time, watching the students carefully as they went about their experiments. Eventually, curiosity got the better of him, and he roamed around the classroom, watching them, giving them little smiles as they'd stare. After a bit of his silent roaming, he began to ask them questions about their experiments, and even gave them a few pointers, but he never gave away answers.

((Sorry it's a little short, gotta go eat))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Bain finished moments later and had begun walking around, watching her students soon Mycroft began doing so as well and she left him to do Ashe pleased as she walked over to her desk and grabbed the peanut butter, she dug around her desk drawer and found the spoon she kept here for this task.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( sorry it's short ))

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( It's alright, sorry I took so long. Wanna skip to when they're at the coffee shop? ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( sure ))

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Ivydance | 43 comments Soon enough, the class came to an end and the two finally went to a little cafe on a street corner. Telling the waitress they'd like a spot outside, they then ordered and took their seats, Mycroft helping her into hers before seating himself in his own. "So," Mycroft started once they had their drinks; he'd ordered simple black coffee, no cream. "I assume you wish to speak about my brother? You're not nervous about staying with him, are you? Heaven knows just about anyone else would be... He doesn't exactly have a reputation for being nice,as I'm sure you know."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
According to some people, when it came to coffee, Bain usually ordered something that fit her mood, today it was Black coffee with nothing in it, meaning either Bain was depressed or very angry about something. She snorted when Mycroft asked if she was nervous about staying with Sherlock, " Mikey, when have you ever known me to be nervous about anything?" Bain asked nonchalantly. " Any ordinary person would be scared shitless to house with Sherlock, but I lived with you for almost two years before finally settling in my grandparents estate, and you and Sherlock are about the same, except you're actually nice to certain people," Bain said as she took a sip of her coffee when it arrived, ignoring the waiters attempt to warn her that it was hot. " Anyways Mikey, How's life? Find someone special yet?" Bain said with a small smirk as she loved pushing her friend's buttons, she thought about what Sherlock might say or John if they found out the close relationship she and Mycroft shared, she let it slip her mind though.

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Ivydance | 43 comments Mycroft only smiled in response, indicating he was just teasing about his question. Of course she wouldn't be nervous about it. He eyed her drink and made a mental note to say something about it when she was finished speaking, wondering what could be wrong if she wasn't nervous about spending time with his brother. When she mentioned his love life, he cast it aside and changed the subject, not finding the topic appealing in any way (in fact, he disliked talking about it just as much as he did about his dieting); she always did know how to push his buttons. Instead, he decided to bring up her coffee with an all serious face. "Something's troubling you. What is it? And don't try to deny it - you never have your coffee black."

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Bain stopped mid sip, she looked at her coffee and set it down, " Do you realize the shit I go through when I'm with Sherlock? Do you remember what happened when he came and visited my class with John? Four students were having anxiety attacks, three were injured in some damn way and seven students went complaining to the principal office because Sherlock was being utterly rude and inhumane!" Bain snapped, " For heavens sake Mycroft, I came crying to you that same day because he insulted my grandparents!" Bain whispered, " Why do you think I'm depressed and angry? John took it upon himself to make sure I would say yes," Bain muttered. A

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( Is it sad that I'm laughing? I can picture him doing every thing she said lol ))

Mycoft took a drink from his own coffee mug, but stared down at it at her reaction. Yes, it had all been true what she said, but perhaps things would be better this time around. Besides, both John and himself had had a word with him. Perhaps he should mention it. "How lovely of John to ask this of you," he started with a touch of sarcasm. "He did go over and talk to my brother, you know. I assume he'd been stern with him, judging by how quickly Sherlock asked I leave his premises after I tried talking with him, too. Of course, I usually am asked to leave, but at the rate of which I was removed..." he trailed off, his eyebrows raised before he went for another sip of black deliciousness.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( no, because honestly I can imagine that too ))

Bain scoffed, " Whatever, I guess I'm just not ready to be mentally raped by a high-functioning sociopath," Bain muttered, she grabbed her coffee and downed it easily before wiping at her lips. " Can I spend the night at your place Mike? I don't think being by myself is a good thing today," Bain asked as she turned to look out the window. " Also, just because you both talked to Sherl, does not mean that he's not going to act like a damn arse towards me," Bain added before looking at her coffee cup, she flagged down the waiter and asked for a refill, but to add creamer to it, she needed to cool down a bit.

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Ivydance | 43 comments "That's one thing my brother has never properly learned to do..." he mumbled, still staring at his mug. Taking a napkin, folded it neatly and traced the lip of it to clean it. "...even as a child." Mycroft was quiet for a short time, as if in thought, but he sighed and continued in his normal tone. "But, yes, I suppose I could arrange for your stay. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning, so expect me to be to bed early. I'll do my best not to wake you, depending on your plans..?" He looked back at her as he waited for a response, expecting an answer to whether or not she was doing anything particularly exciting or different.

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Bain nodded as he spoke, she looked up at him when he mentioned plans, " Ill be waking up early as well, have to talk to Sherlock about ground rules, because I want him to understand that there will be some things that I will not tolerate while I'm staying over," Bain said with a sigh. She fiddled with her thumbs, " Do you remember when we were little? How we accidentally met because our mothers bumped into each other in the market? It's a wonder how Sherlock and John haven't figured us out yet, we've been friends for years now and there are many things that's happened between us, how can they not know about our friendship?" Bain asked curiously.

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( I'm so sorry, life has been crazy. :( My boss has been out of work cause of huge personal problems, so I've been having to do everything by myself, and it's wearing me out so hard. :( I've got about one more week before things should be back to normal. Please don't think I don't wanna do this rp, cause I do, it's been difficult finding time to get online. :( I promise I'll reply when I can! ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( take all the time you need! I don't care how long it takes, I'll be here when you get everything back on track ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( HI! I'm sorry if you're busy and I am sorry for asking this but can we please restart and do an whole different idea? ))

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( I was actually about to respond now! But sure, why not? What's your new idea?? :) ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) [[ let me go find it :) ]]

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Famous for writing a book on social interaction and human relationships and famous for being the world's first and best leading female detective, Muse A is invited to London by a friend who has lived in London for many many years and has never once invited Muse A, who lives in France, to come. During her stay, Muse A uses her friends guest room and roams London unnoticed until a murder happens in a coffee shop she was at and she's considered the main suspect. Sherlock Holmes is the leading detective on the case and when he tries to asks her questions and decipher her, he can't, he ends up stuttering over his sentences and starts mixing up his words. Can he figure out why he feels so flustered around this woman or will he unknowingly fall in love with her as she helps solve the case.

[[ this can be manipulated if you have any ideas yourself ]]

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Ivydance | 43 comments (( Ooh, I like this one too! I don't see anything that needs to be modified, but we can always think of stuff as we go :3 ))

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