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Derek | 14 comments Mod
Post fan theories here! Serious or silly :)

Aaron Volner | 2 comments I've always theorized that Other World was either a zoo-world or nature conservatory planet at one point in its distant past, where creatures from across the galaxy would be brought to insure they didn't die out. I think either an animal rights terrorist group or some kind of "Jurassic Park" like catastrophe hit the planet at some point and the original researchers/occupants were forced to abandon it, leaving the animals to fend for themselves. It so happens that many of the species survived without the caretakers and the planet has since gone totally feral and evolved a highly unique ecosystem.

I've also speculated that perhaps the Ancestors could be like the Xel-Naga from Starcraft, experimenting with the evolution of various life forms to try and create a perfect creature, and that somehow their experiments turned on them.

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