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Derek | 14 comments Mod
Post fan theories here! Serious or silly :)

Aaron Volner | 2 comments Okay, so my theory is that "The Beast Hunter" actually takes place in the same universe as "Lost Under Two Moons", just several hundred years later. I'll explain:

One of the portals that leads to Other World has its other end on the world Keltin Moore resides in. Unbeknownst to the Star People, this particular portal contains an anomaly that causes it to remain open until it is closed manually. So when the portals are opened at the time Richard falls through from Earth into Other World, that portal unbeknownst to anyone remains active the entire time.

As is wont to happen, aliens eventually find their way through the portal and end up on the surface of Keltin's planet. As they begin to wander and spread they encounter civilization. But, having spent countless generations living on a planet with no sentient life forms, the aliens haven't evolved any instincts to stay away from humans and civilization like the native animals have. Hence, when they encounter a settlement, farm, caravan, etc. they have no hesitation about going after it for food.

The sudden appearance of these "beasts" from the deep wilderness sends the people of Keltin's planet into a panic. With a growing horde of strange and powerful monsters knocking at their doorsteps, the leaders of the world don't know what to do. An effort is begun to muster a fighting force strong enough to take on the creatures, using the newly developed powder weapons that fire metal shot at great speeds, the only weapons capable of penetrating the hides of many of the creatures. At first it seems the new weapons are working, but as more and stronger aliens migrate from Other World the horde grows too strong for the thrown together militia with their single shot guns.

New types of ammunition and gun technologies are rapidly developed to better arm the hunters, but still the beasts come. Now enough aliens have passed through from Other World that the various species have begun to establish nests and breed on Keltin's planet. As invasive species with no natural predators, they spread rapidly and quickly begin to wipe out local fauna through habitat destruction, hunting, and competition over sources of food.

Desperate to end the invasion and quickly running out of ways to combat the onslaught, the planet's leaders assemble a small elite group to penetrate the wilderness from which the beasts initially emerged and discover the source of the bizarre creatures.

After fighting their way through a horde of aliens, some violent from being scared and confused from having recently passed through the portal, the elite group of hunters at last discover the strange hole in the world through which the denizens of Other World continue to migrate.

Rather than tell their superiors and risk them marching an ineffective army to the portal to be slaughtered, the hunters go rogue and seek out the mysterious Loopi Skytalkers, hoping their magics contain a solution. Together they undertake a daring mission to try and close the portal and stem the flow of beasts from Other World. Several brave hunters volunteer to pass through to the other side and keep anything from passing through while the Skytalkers work, while the rest remain behind to defend the portal from territorial creatures who have been protecting it on Keltin's side.

Unfortunately, while the plan succeeds, the hunters on Other World fall to the aliens before the portal closes and a group of aliens are passing through the wormhole just as it snaps shut. The combination of traveling alien, active wormhole and skytalking magic results in the birth of a bizarre new creature; the warp beast. Wandering unstable wormholes with an insatiable appetite, they generally transport their victims nowhere, and so while in the grasp of the warp beast the victim enters warp space unprotected and with no destination, causing them to see the very fabric of reality bent and shifted without direction.

However, several hundred years later, a warp beast wandering the wilds of northern Krendaria just before the harvest stabilizes its wormhole energies, and a new portal to Other World is temporarily opened...

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