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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Do you like to write poems? Put some down here for advice or just because you want it seen... or for compliments hehe

message 2: by Ben, Popsicle Protector (new)

Ben (benroche) | 217 comments Mod
this is a limerick... i made it a year ago for shcool... there once was a boy named ben. he lived in a pi-iig pen. he had a brother named ken. who lived in a horse-like-pen. and OF COURSE they had a pet hen.

message 3: by Fiery (new)

Fiery Fighter (fieryfighter) I'F NO-ONE

If no-one asks to be your friend,
Is no-one now your friend?
If no-one starts a new trend,
Did no-one really start a trend?
If no-one is following you,
Is no-one really behind you?
If no-one makes a joke,
Did no-one make a joke?
If no-one exists,
Does no-one really exist?
If no-one dies,
Did no-one really die?
If no-one blows the world up,
Did no-one really blow the world up?
If no-one gets a job,
Did no-one really get a job?


I asked the server owner,
If keep inventory was on,
The server owner replied no,
So I went to play gota.io instead.


On the way to school today,
I met some jiggly, wiggly, rock eaters.
They were marching and singing,
They did a little jig,
"Do-Wah!Do-Wah!" They chanted.
I asked what they were doing,
And they replied, "What we always do."
I asked if I could join them,
They said, "All are welcome, just do what we do."
"Okay," I said.
They stood on their heads, I complied
They did a summer sault, I copied
Then... they ate some rocks.
I don't hang out with them anymore.


This morning I book up to find a book,
It was called, "Granted One Wish."
I gasped in excitment.
... And wished for a unlimatied wishes.
"Violation," The book wrote, "Max is one wish."
You throw the book in anger.
"WISH GRANTED." The Book Replied.
"Wait, NO!" you say.
"GOODBYE," The book said


Up, down,
Side to side,
left, right,
inside, outside,
past, future,
All these opposites,
I wonder what's the opposite of me?


The past is what happened before me.
The Future is what is going to happen.
But I just want to dwell in the present


I'm waiting for,
The Coming Of Christ,
I am waiting,
Waiting for The Coming Of Christ.

message 4: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) I love them!

message 5: by Catherine (last edited Jan 25, 2017 12:44PM) (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) A limerick I wrote a few years back:
There once was a boy named Rick
He liked to play with a stick
He threw it up in the sky
It poked out his eye
So instead he played with a brick.

message 6: by lightbringer, Brightest Light (last edited Dec 23, 2017 05:08AM) (new)

lightbringer (lightbringer099) | 296 comments Mod
A limerick i made in 3 seconds!
I have a dog named dug
He doesn't eat bugs
But he died
And I lied
Cause I just got a dog

message 7: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) lol

message 8: by Ben, Popsicle Protector (new)

Ben (benroche) | 217 comments Mod
Writers block

I have writers block
And i dont know what to do
So instead im making this poem
Thats the end boho!

message 9: by Ben, Popsicle Protector (new)

Ben (benroche) | 217 comments Mod
Pizza. Party.

Im at a really wied pizza party
The owner has a beard and his name is barty
Hes not much of a smarty
And hes also quite farty
So i think ill leave the pizza pary

message 10: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) *cracks up*

One day I went out at dawn
I saw a deer and her fawn
I dared not to inhale
In case I failed
I didn't not want to scare them away from the lawn.

The beat is all wrong but I tried :/

message 11: by Ben, Popsicle Protector (new)

Ben (benroche) | 217 comments Mod

i hadnt gotten far
When i hear a guitar
I look in the back of the car
To see barty mc. Far
Playing his new guitar

message 12: by Ben, Popsicle Protector (new)

Ben (benroche) | 217 comments Mod
I like pizza
Its like heat-za
And it has chee-sa
Thats really yumza
Thats the story of a poem in 7 seconds-za

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

I have a serious poem to share.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I see life through a prism.
My first pair
Of glasses
Had a red frame.
(They were always breaking, but I don't remember why.
Am I blocking something out? Forgetting the pain?)
The protagonist in my first favorite series
Was an orange cat.
(Those books got me through
The heartbreak and isolation)
I offered a yellow balloon
To the adults of the house,
Attempting to stop the fight.
(I didn't know, then,
That not everything was so easily fixed)
It's been said that envy is green.
Well, then,
I am verdant.
(I still struggle
Not to feel inferior)
Blue is
The color of the house I grew up in
(Where I longed for love,
Only to learn about hate)
Indigo and violet--shades of purple,
They were my favorite colors.
(Back before innocence was lost)

message 15: by dylan (last edited Dec 08, 2017 08:47AM) (new)

dylan king | 110 comments I tried to take a selfie
When I was all alone
I never should have done it
It broke my mobile phone

I guess I'm not so pretty
I thought i was cuter
I snapped one with my laptop
and busted the computer

I cracked my father’s camera.
My mother’s iPad too.
This shouldn’t be so difficult.
I don’t know what to do.

At last I got a selfie;
perhaps the worst one yet.
I posted it online today.
It broke the Internet.

message 16: by skyla, Weird is the New Cool (last edited Dec 08, 2017 09:04AM) (new)

skyla (uwish_124) | 239 comments Mod
((Ooh...I love this idea! It turns out, I have been writing a lot of poems)

You will be avenged, my friend.

For you have been missed,
My heart will be full of bliss,
At the moment when,
I will have avenged you, my friend.

He, who was your friend,
Who had lend you a helping hand,
Tossed you away to fend,
But don't worry, this isn't the end.

For I have a little plan,
To send him packing faster than-
You can say damn.

Why, Why did you leave me?
She cries.
He replied with a sigh.
A sign that he didn't care,
And turned around to avoid her glare.

But all lies, all of them one by one.
And little by little their friendship was gone.

message 17: by lightbringer, Brightest Light (new)

lightbringer (lightbringer099) | 296 comments Mod
Dylan, nice and Sis, okay...

Just kidding

message 18: by lightbringer, Brightest Light (new)

lightbringer (lightbringer099) | 296 comments Mod
You know my limerick about my dog. Well I just got a dog so I really didn't lie.

message 19: by dylan (new)

dylan king | 110 comments So then change the poem.

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