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Benny Boot (bennyboot) Welp, Lets get magical

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((This is of my own creation, do not worry))

Name: Daniel Simon Von Lee

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has brown hair with white streaks in his beard and hair. He tries to keep his facial hair clean cut. His eyes are very dark, though shine with wisdom. He has wrinkles and a bit of a tan from working in the field, clothed enough as not to get burned, of course. His body is lean and he keeps fit so he isn't bad looking at all. He keeps a cowboy hat on when he is outside, but inside, its comes off or when he is greeting someone.

Personality: He, in modern terms, would be considered a southern gentleman. He has the utmost manners. He will act like a grandpa; a hard worker, wise, and teaching his children everything they need to know in life. He doesn't like to let peolpe know he is a dhampir, but if they asked, he will tell. He is witty and his voice is husky(?) and has a southern tone to it. He will sing old hymns for his mother was a religious woman. He does have a very older way of thinking, so the kindness comes with a simple not understanding of a lot of new things.

Social and Financial Status: He is good enough to take care of his family, they will never be able to afford the finer things in life, but they have what they need.

Occupation: Traveling Doctor

Relationship Status: He is married to Eliza Von Lee, with whom he has had two beautiful human children

Species: Dhampir; The demonic mix of a human and a vampire. They are not nearly as powerful as their full blooded relative, but some magic remains in them. They also can go out in the sun and only experience a mild sunburn without protection from clothing. None of the normal vampire tropes work on them, garlic, holy water, and the like. Though they can still not enter a home without being asked in by the host. They age but live about twice as long as humans do. For Daniel anyways, his giant weakness is silver; the stuff will make a paper cut turn into a burning blood gushing gash.

Power(s): Like stated above; they have very limited magic, usually Enchantment spells. Daniel doesn't enjoy using them much but loved them in his youth. His main magic spell is causing a persons train of thought to dissipate, such as is good at getting rid of thoughts he dosent like.

Biography: Daniel Simon Lee, was a peculiar child. His mother, a human lady named Miri Lee, was infatuated by a vampire adventurer named Simon. He stayed with Miri for a week then was off on his way with his adventuring group, leaving her with a child, a human with vampire traits. She tried to raise Daniel like a normal human but knew he was different. He was pale, had jet-black hair, his canines were longer and sharper, and He had a supernatural charm to him that made people do his desires. One of his “antics’’ was he got a group of guys to destroy a caravan because they hurt a lady trying to get her to pay more. After 20 years of him never knowing, Miri told her son about his father and his adventures. Daniel soon became obsessed and spent many a long hour in the basement, getting control of his powers.
After nine years of working on honing skills, he got a message from his father in a dream. Simon told him to look for him. So the next morning Daniel packed his bags and set off. As he travelled he became very good at controlling people with his charm and a bit of magic, that was until he met Eliza. She was a store clerk and wasn't as easily charmed the rest. He was determined to make her fall in love with him, but he was the one who did so. He moved to this small town with the town’s doctor, Julius Greene, and learned the art of medicine in hope of impressing her. He tried everything from buying her flowers to just talking to her. After many tries and a few scraps, she said yes to his proposal, and two months later they wed.
They enjoyed their new life, Eliza gave him two beautiful children, Iris and Lucifer. Daniel had an excellent work as a doctor of the sick. Their children grew up and Daniel wanted to teach them the magic he has learned, through the studies of a spell-book, but Eliza did not want it. So there children remain pure. He loves his family and will put them over anything else. Lucifer had met a stray dog along the road one day and brought him home so they could take care of hm, they took it in, naming it K’Varn. Daniels current job is a traveling doctor.

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Is he from a neighbouring Kingdom? He seems like he would be. Anyway, I think everything seems okay here, but...Varius?

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He is fine, yes.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) shure.

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Okay then, he's approved. :)

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