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Phoenix~They/Them ((Why cant we have different topics?))

Phoenix~They/Them (Im gonna name it Shara and Sora's House since they're the parents))

Phoenix~They/Them Cora was sitting on the couch "I'm booooooored." She complained.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora said, "Don't be like that big bro."

((Psssst Shara's an emo))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Or goth either one :D))

Phoenix~They/Them "Yay." She said before adding "Of course, besides Mom's visiting another world right now."

Phoenix~They/Them Cora scrambled over the couch and falls "I'm okay." She said as she got up.

((Admit that Cora is cute :D))

Phoenix~They/Them Cora said, "Can Mercy come over later today?"

((Mercy isn't a push over when p*ssed she won't give mercy to those that hurt her friends. :D))

Phoenix~They/Them (( Yeah I haven't thought of her design yet if not she has a weapon and works 28th Cora. I actually thought of her being the one that broke someone's finger for bullying Cora))

Cora smiled "Lets practice now."

Phoenix~They/Them Cora's keyblade appeared and she blocked.

((Im giving Mercy split personality when I create her))

Phoenix~They/Them ((You switched to first person -_-))

Cora yelped as she was hit by the ice blast.

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Phoenix~They/Them Cora nodded "I'm ready." She said.

Phoenix~They/Them Cora dodged the attacks and started to block some, not knowing Mercy was watching. Mercy jumped off a nearby tree and said, "Couldn't you have made the training easier on Cora or do you have to make it really hard?"

Phoenix~They/Them "Your not gonna lose her to the heartless, if you push her like that you might lose her to yourself and the way your attacks. Besides some Heartless are weak it makes me laugh." Mercy said as she pushed up her glasses. Cora jumped back and slashed her blade at Zora. Mercy added "I just came here because your mom's at Radiant Garden with my mom and I was bored."

Phoenix~They/Them Mercy blinked and said, "Hey this could be a perfect time to let Cora help!"

Phoenix~They/Them Mercy sighed and said, "Obviously she had a bunch of training but she cant try going into action." She huffed and sat down.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercy runs after Alex, followed by Cora.

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