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message 1: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 861 comments Last week, more than 650 publishing professionals and authors gathered in New York to learn about the latest trends in publishing and book marketing at Digital Book World. The Goodreads team was there typing furiously to capture as many interesting notes as possible. Here’s a taste of what was covered:
Good read!

message 2: by Alexis (last edited Jan 24, 2017 09:06AM) (new)

Alexis | 861 comments Interesting little nugget:

Peter Hildick-Smith, CEO of the research firm, The Codex Group, shared that readers need to come across a book on average at least two times before thinking about whether to buy it.

Readers are not likely to go for instant buys apparently which means we can't grow compliant with the marketing!

message 3: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4588 comments Mod
Great article!! Thanks Alexis.

message 4: by Clint (new)

Clint Forgy (clintforgy) | 18 comments Yes it is! Thanks, Alexis.

message 5: by Carole (last edited Jan 24, 2017 04:19PM) (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4588 comments Mod
Finally had time to read it throughly. I especially was intrigued by..."In a panel session about influencer marketing, Goodreads’ head of author marketing, Patrick Brown, shared that one of the best ways to connect with readers is to share your own book recommendations. An easy way of doing that is writing reviews of books you’ve read and loved on Goodreads. Check out how Roxane Gay, Rick Riordan, and Maggie Stiefvater keep the connection going with fans in between their own books by posting reviews of what they are reading."

When Julie created the Carole P. Roman blog, I asked what are we going to put on it. I didn't have time for writing articles and I didn't really want to share what was going on in my personal life. She started putting up my books reviews and suggestions. I thought it made no impact. When she informed me of the numbers of people who visit, and specifically when I did my picks of the year- I was astounded. So, this advice is important. Being a reviewer gives you something to"talk" about besides your own book (people do get tired of the constant pitching). If people enjoy your reviews, they may seek out your work.

message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 4626 comments Thanks for the tip Carole, when I started the blog I intended using it primarily for reviews; I've been slack about that the last couple of months because I've lost the enthusiasm for reading, but I do want to get back to it, and soon, because I have seen some of my best views for the reviews I posted.

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