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Wolf (Alpha)
Sign up for team challenges. Tell me if you want to do a Serious Team, a Medium Team, Just for Fun, or Solo. I will assign you a team and the results will be posted on March 1. This challenge will run from February 1 to February 28.



Just for Fun:


message 2: by Wolf (Alpha) (new)

Wolf (Alpha) Categories:
- A couple on the cover
- Flowers on the cover
- Envelope or greetings card on the cover
- Food on the cover
- A ring or jewellery on the cover
- A candle on the cover
- Hearts on the cover
- A red cover
- A romance novel
- A book first published in February
- "Date" in the title
- "Love" in the title
- "Secret" in the title
- "Cupid" in the title
- "Kiss" In the title
- Book with an average rating of 4 or more
- Title starting with V, A, L, E, N, T, or I
- Book from this list - https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/2...

*50 - 99 pages = 0.5 points
*100 - 199 pages = 1 point
*200 - 299 pages = 2 points
*300 - 399 pages = 3 points
*400 - 499 pages = 4 points
*500 - 599 pages = 5 points
*600+ pages = 6 points
(maximum of 6 points per book)
*Buddy reads DOUBLE your points score, so a 300 page book + buddy read = 6 points. 600 page book + buddy read = 12 points. (Bonus points for buddy reads will only be given if the buddy read has taken place in our group.)

* This challenge will run from Feburary 1st to Feburary 28th, with results announced on March 1st.
*Books started before Feburary can be used, but you must only claim the number of pages read in February.
*Buddy reads must still have a minimum of 4 comments to count.
*4 detailed updates can be used instead of a review.
*Re-reads are allowed as long as its been at least a year since you last read the book.

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