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Wolf (Alpha) Tell us a bit about yourselves.

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Deejay (DZ) (deejayreads) | 2 comments Hi, Well I'm Deejay, 16 y.o , Algerian, I'm a huge bookworm , I read in English, French and sometimes in Arabic too , I like taking pics of my books, my favorite authors are John Green, Cassandra Clare, Sarah J.Maas, and JK Rowling. Baaay (:

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Wolf (Alpha) Coool!!!!

Phoenix~They/Them Hi im Cynthia, Ive been bullied all my life and I still deal with them

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Wolf (Alpha) Hi Cynthia, I hope you stop getting bullied. If I knew where you live, and I knew who the bullies were I would deal with them for you. I used to deal with bullies all the time. My name is still know throughout my old school. Not Making that up.

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