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1/25: Q3 Ind Reading Book

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message 1: by Joy (new)

Joy Ruckoldt Full Name
Book Title
Type the first sentence of your book. What was your reaction to the first sentence? (1-2 sentences)
Give three to five sentences about the exposition--what is happening so far? What characters have you met?

message 2: by Griffin (new)

Griffin Hall | 7 comments Griffin Hall
"Just Another Hero"
By. Sharon M. Draper
Arielle Greshman, who had come to school early to get some homework done.
The book starts with a boy named Osrick being bullied, this girl named Arielle comes to help him. Arielle wonders if she did the right thing by not telling the principal. Arielle talks about her old friends that she lost, one of them got pregnant.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Divito | 8 comments Christopher Divito
Daniel Armageddon
James Patterson
"I HAVE NEVER felt so alone in a crowd." My reaction was why does he feel so alone In a crowd?
What is happening in my book? is the author is talking about the main character Daniel. Daniel travels around the world stopping crimes and fighting evil aliens. There is no other characters in the book so far except the main alien leader. Daniel is on a mission to stop the aliens from ending earth.

message 4: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Luedloff | 5 comments Jacob Luedloff
I'll give you the sun
Jandy Nelson
"This is how it all begins".
My reaction to the first sentence was that this book is going to start out with something really bad, which did happen. What happened in the book so far is that two boys are fighting this one boy and they are destroying his drawings. Also his sister is a really good surfer and a lot of people want to be her. The main character kind of hate life and doesn't get why people hate him and pick on him.

message 5: by William (new)

William Miller | 8 comments Billy Miller
Einsteins Greatest Mistake
David Bodanis
The first couple lines weren't drawing me in as much as I hoped but where still interesting. So far the author, the book is in third person, is explaining how a untested theory contradicted his theory of relativity. Also saying that he reverted his therapy and equation back to normal after 2 years of adjusting because the untested theory was wrong. The last point I read up to was how he was growing up in the Victorian age.

message 6: by Rmccoy0227 (new)

Rmccoy0227 | 7 comments Ryan McCoy
Robin McKinley
"This story starts like something out of a fairy tale; I hated my stepfather."
So far in my book, A girl named Maggie is living with her mother, stepfather, and brother. Her father was killed in a car accident, and now she lives with this guy named Val.

message 7: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 6 comments Melanie Gonzalez
The heartbreakers
Ali Novak
"Cara was clutching the latest edition of People as if it were the Holy Bible." At first I was really confuse, was there something important in the magazine? Was Cara in the magazine and she didn't want anyone to know? Cara was talking to her sisters Stella. Cara has been having cancer for quite a while and the magazine People keeps her from being bored all day in the hospital. Cara mainly looks at the boyband "The heartbreakers" because she loves them and also because she's mad at the fact that she didn't buy tickets for their because she was stuck in the hospital.

message 8: by Ben (new)

Ben Boddy | 7 comments Ben Boddy
Genius the game-Leopoldo Gout
"The night Teo disappeared started off just like any other."
Teo is the protagonist's brother who ran away from home.
So far we find out that the protagonist, Rex, is a Mexican immigrant and lives in Santa Cruz, and is very smart. He codes computer softwares. At this point in the book he made a software called walkabout. This program can track any person in the world. Not sure how yet

message 9: by Lilly (new)

Lilly Puleo | 8 comments Lilly Puleo
The Girl on the Train
Paula Hawkins

"There is a pile of clothing on the side of the train tracks." Right away the book starts a mystery because you wonder who's clothes are on the train tracks and why. So far I met the main character Rachel who is telling the story. Rachel takes the train every morning and night. Rachel is lonely I think because she watches the same people everyday.

message 10: by Joey (new)

Joey Faraone  | 1 comments Joey Faraone
The Obsidian Blade
"The first time his father disappeared, Tucker Feye had only just turned thirteen." This made me think that the book was going to be suspenseful.
Tucker was playing with a toy that his father gave him and he used a catapult and got it stuck on the roof. His father went on the roof to fix it but when he was fixing it he disappeared and Tucker noticed a disk-like object right when he disappeared. Later that day Tucker's father showed up looking different and he brought a little girl with him and said she is from Bulgaria.

message 11: by April (new)

April Alba | 8 comments April Alba
My Sister Rosa
Justine Larbalester
"Rosa is pushing all the buttons" I was actually intrigued as to what the character meant by this sentence because the way it's being portrayed is like she is starting to annoy the main character.
The main character is a boy named Aussie Che Taylor. He has a sister Rosa who he constantly has to keep in check because of her bad behavior. His parents move from place to place because of business and right now they have to live in New York City. Rosa is a ten year old despite of her capabilities. She is able to manipulate people to what she wants and is always getting into trouble. She is cunning for her age and she can hide everything she does.

message 12: by Joy (new)

Joy Ruckoldt Mrs. Ruckoldt
Ottessa Moshfegh
"I looked like a girl you'd expect to see on a city bus, reading some clothbound book from the library about plants or geography, perhaps wearing a net over my light brown hair." The first line is interesting because the author is describing herself in a weird way--about how she fits the ordinary expectation. I guess it makes me think that she is hiding something about herself--like she appears one way but we will discover she is not this person at all. Eileen is the main character and narrator and the setting starts in 1964 in New England. She is a lonely and homely girl who lives with an abusive alcoholic father and who works as a secretary at the local private prison for teenage boys.

message 13: by Eric (new)

Eric Zendejas | 7 comments Eric Zendejas
Melvin Burgess

"A boy and a girl were spending the night together in the back seat of a Volvo estate car." I thought that they were going to spend some quality time together. In the beginning of the book, it introduces Gemma and Tar, whose real name is Daniel, that has ran away from their parents. In the first chapter, it explains that Tar has ran away because of his abusive father, with his girlfriend Gemma, who also ran away because she can't stand her parents.

message 14: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah Raja | 7 comments Isaiah Raja
The Fault in our stars
John Green
"Late in the winter of my 17th year, my mother decided that I was depressed"
When I saw that sentence that got me wondering that if he/she was going to go in a depression program,
What I learned so far is that the protagonist is having some depression issues. I would say that it is probrably going to be sorted out later on in the book. I don't know the protagonist's name just yet but the timeline is current time and the setting so far is in the protagonist's house

message 15: by Nife (new)

Nife Oseni | 8 comments Nife Oseni
Avengers The Heroic Age
Brian Michael Bendis
"Asgard has fallen"..I was shocked that Asgard had been destroyed because with my past knowledge on marvel I remember Asgard being this utopia and un breakable.So far in the book there has been 3 different settings.Thor,Iron man and Captain America all get separated to different dimensions.All of these dimensions hate thor and his family, so when Captain America and Iron man explained that they were allies to Thor, they were attacked and questioned my the people of the other dimensions.

message 16: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Marron | 7 comments Andrea Marron
Nearly Gone
Elle Cosimano
""Who can tell me the purpose of Dr. Schrödinger's experiment." Mr. Rankin paced between the rows on the other side of the classroom." From this sentence I was inferring this book probably takes place mainly in a school and most likely it's taking place in a science classroom at the moment. So far I've met the main character her name is Nearly Boswell. I found out out that she competing with this girl for a scholarship I her science class. I've also found out her friend, Jeremy, grew up close with her and his parents have hated her family ever since her dad left because they always struggled with paying the rent.

message 17: by Ximena (new)

Ximena Laredes | 7 comments Ximena Laredes
Devil and the Bluebird
Jennifer Mason-Black
"The guitar rested against her back the way her mother hand when she was small and afraid."
During this scene we are introduced to Blue. Blue is looking for her sister who hasn't been home for two years. She is desperate to find her now that her mother had died from cancer. She meets up with a devil and makes a pact in order to find her sister. The devil gives blue six months to her sisters soul in exchange of blues voice.

message 18: by Zach (new)

Zach | 7 comments Zach Moore
Watt key
I heard mother calling, but I didn't answer. The main character Foster doesn't like his mothers new boyfriend Dax. Foster lives with his mom on a farm and no friends around.

message 19: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 6 comments Brandon Zuniga
Code of honor
Alan Gratz
A crash like a linebacker colliding with a quarterback woke me, and I shot up straight up in bed.it drew my attention because I like sports and this caught my eye.
In the book there is a high school senior who name is kamran who is Persian American and during homecoming there was a fight and kamran being the nice guy he is tried to break it up and a bully named Jeremy vacca but he calls him a towel head and camel jockey and a terrorist

message 20: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo G. | 3 comments Leonardo Gonzalez Piña
Darren Shan
It was the darkest, most wretched hour of the night when the dead came back to life and spread like a plague of monstrous locust through the village of Pallaskenry.

In the book there is a desease spreading around the world that which desease it brings people back from the dead I've met Brian which is the main character in this book also his parents and how their neighbors are it doesn't say that much about neighbors but they say what happened to them and also a really tall men which somehow can communicate with the undead in the book as I progressed into the book there was this scene where Brian saw his mom getting bit and killing his husband.
The setting of this story is in a little village in Ireland called Pallaskenry

message 21: by William (new)

William Miller | 8 comments William wrote: "Billy Miller
Einsteins Greatest Mistake
David Bodanis
The first couple lines weren't drawing me in as much as I hoped but where still interesting. So far the author, the book is in third person, is..."
"The tourists generally stayed on the side walk across the street from the white clapboard house on mercer street "

message 22: by Lizette (new)

Lizette | 8 comments Lizette Simental
"I have to grow atleast three inches" In this sentence the character is telling the reader she hasnto grow three inches in order to be accepted in the model agencies she has to be 5'9" but she is 5'6".
Th main character is a girl named Cheryl she wants to become a model but she isnt tall enough they liked her buts she has to grow and then come back. All the modeling agencies she goes to tell her the same thing that they'd like her to be in their agencie but she needs to grow because she is only fourteen years old.

message 23: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo Padilla | 8 comments Eduardo Padilla
The Great Gatsby
"In Amy younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since" my reaction was that it's an interesting way to start a book and you wonder why. Well It doesn't say who the character name is but so far he's dad is giving him some advice about how he's lucky to have more than other people that he does not have to think less of them because they don't have the same things as him or the same stuff as him. It tells how he wants the world to be in uniform and sort or moral attention forever. Gatsby is the only name so far but he says that he represents everything for him.

message 24: by Jason (new)

Jason Masters | 5 comments Jason Masters
Lizard people
Charlie Price
"I could see mom with a death grip on one of the secretary's heads."
I really like this first sentence because it really hooks the reader right away and makes them want to find out why she has "the death grip."
The characters that I have met so far is the mom, marco, the dad, but we don't know who is narrating yet.
In the book so far the mom has just been going crazy. She believes that other people are lizards wearing a human costume. So she looks in people's mouths and looks where there is a change in color or a line to see if they are humans or not.

message 25: by Nyria (new)

Nyria D. | 2 comments Nyria Dobbs
Prodigy-a legend novel
Marie Lu
'Jan. 4. 1932 hours.
Ocean standard time.
Thirty-five days after Metias's death.
"Day jolts awake beside me."'

We have already meet Day and June but they also bring up other people. Some like: Patriots, Kaede, Tess, Day's brother. So far Day and June have escaped the Republic and are on their way to joining the patriots. June is having second thoughts now. It's really intense in the beginning with a little tension so I think things are just going to flatten soon because Day is still trying coupe with his brother and mothers death. While June is misses her lavish lifestyle. This part is really interesting because while Day is quiet and mourning June is trying to comfort him, she really misses the way he used to do things and how he used to be. That raises tension in the air.

message 26: by Erik (new)

Erik Martens | 3 comments Erik Martens
Perfect Season
Tim Green
"Troys mind spun the entire car ride to the school". I was thinking why his mind was spinning.
Troy and his mom moved to New Jersey because his dad lost all of they're money. Troy is a football player and he is forced to go to a school with a terrible football team and his cousin is going to a school near by that is a football power house and Troy and his cousin Ty made a plan to be the dynamic duo at the high school.

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