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Starr Waddell (quiethouseediting) | 38 comments Quiethouse Editing has helped many authors over the last few years by connecting them with a group of vetted and experienced beta readers. In fact, our group has completed 278 beta reads since the program was started. We have 70 testimonials from satisfied authors on our website. Note: we should have more, but I didn't start asking for authors to review their readers' work until sometime last year.

Under many of the authors' testimonials, there are links to their various social media sites and websites, so you could contact them about their experiences with us.

You can rest assured that you will receive in-depth feedback in a timely manner and your manuscript will be safe in our hands. Readers must pass a beta reading test and sign a nondisclosure agreement to join the group, and other safety measures are taken to make sure they are real people and have not created a false identity to pirate books.

You may ask, why would someone pay for beta reading when others offer it for free? Check out my blog post for that answer (and for more information regarding how we do things at Quiethouse):

Come meet the Quiethouse readers and read authors' testimonials:

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Starr Waddell (quiethouseediting) | 38 comments We have a few spots open for February. Please feel free to email me to learn more about our program.

QuiethouseCopyEdit at

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Starr Waddell (quiethouseediting) | 38 comments Hey there, everybody. I'm bumping this up for March. So far this year, the Quiethouse beta team has completed 18 beta reads, and I have edited 244,273 words (first pass only)! It's been a good year so far.

If you're looking for an editor or beta readers, please check out our website.

Thanks for your time! Happy writing.

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