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1/24: New Q3 Book

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message 1: by Joy (new)

Joy Ruckoldt Full Name
Book Title
Type the first sentence of your book. What was your reaction to the first sentence? (1-2 sentences)
Give three to five sentences about the exposition--what is happening so far? What characters have you met?

message 2: by Theo (new)

Theo Lindstrom | 10 comments Theodore Lindstrom
Lord of the Flies
William Golding
"The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock and began to pick his way toward the lagoon."
So far we've met two characters by the names Ralph and Piggy. So far the two boys have explored only one side of the island. They seem to be the only two survivors of a plane crash into an island. Along with this, Piggy says that there was a nuclear explosion and that there is nobody to save them.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Patras | 11 comments Michael Patras
Calamity (Book 3)
Brandon Sanderson
"I've witnessed the fearsome depths." This first sentence tells me that the main character has been though a lot.
Exposition: David and his crew are low on supplies to fight Prof, a powerful epic. They are trying to break into a heavily guarded factory in order to get the supplies they need. There a many types of security, and the group is working together to break in.

message 4: by Avery (new)

Avery | 12 comments Avery Hepko
Mr. Penumbras 24 hour book store
Robin Sloan
"Lost in the shadow of the shelves, I almost fall off the ladder"
From this first sentence I can picture a man standing on the ladder of a dark and dusty bookstore reaching farther than is normally safe for a book.
So far in this book I have learned that the main character Clay Jannon had a great job and was climbing the corporate ladder until the Great Recession happened and he lost his job. This lead to him to go out onto the streets of San Francisco and find a new job. He ends up et this bookstore which is stories tall and not very well lit. We then meet Mr. Penumbra who is a tall lanky old man who surprisingly hired Clay with no experience or knowledge.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia Moran | 11 comments Julia Moran
Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare
"'The Sisters would like to see you in their chambers, Miss Gray.'" My reaction to this sentence was wondering who the Sisters are and who Miss Gray is. The Sisters also seem like they have some sort of control over Miss Gray. So far, I know that this story takes place mainly in London. The characters live in a place called the Institute and they are good supernatural creatures who protect humans from demons and other bad supernatural creatures. Miss Gray, or Tessa, is the main character and has an ability no one else in the institute has, and they need her to help find her lost brother who has most likely been taken as a hostage by demons. But Tessa had just recently escaped from captivity in the Dark Sisters home and needs help developing her abilities in order to find him.

message 6: by Sean (new)

Sean Budin | 8 comments Sean Budin
Skink No Surrender
Carl Hiaasen
"I walked down the beach and waited for Malley, but she didn't show up."
In the book so far we have met a boy named Richard. Richard is desperately trying to find his cousin Malley and is upset to find she has left to go to school without saying goodbye. He is confused as to why Malley never responded and wonders if she even went back to school at all.

message 7: by James (new)

James Ragusin | 13 comments James Ragusin
The Third
Abel Keogh
The tram's doors hissed open, flooding the platform with the heat and stench of a hundred human bodies packed tightly together.
The first sentence really pulls you in to the book. It gives you a minor setting of e story and that's just enough to make you interested.
The main character has already been introduced, his name is Ransom Lawe. He is 6"5 and works for the city's recycling company. He has to take the tram to work everyday and during this particular ride, he gets into a fight with a sentinel. A sentinel is like a cop but they focus on finding illegal third children, people simply call them snatchers. The fight Ransom gets into involves a mother who has a crying child and the sentinel decides he should try a get the child to be quiet by holding the baby upside down by his leg and swinging him back and forth. Ransom decides to step in and the sentinel punches him in the jaw and then suddenly drops to the floor. The tram doors open and everyone rushes out including the mother. But before she leaves, she pulls a small dart from the sentinels neck and then disappears into the crowd leaving Ransom to wonder where she went and who she was.

message 8: by Jdemaria0077 (new)

Jdemaria0077 | 11 comments Joey DeMaria
Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
"A stout grey building of only thirty four stories." My initial reaction to this "sentence" was confused because it is not a complete sentence! So far I've been introduced to the setting, which is London in the far future, where mostly what's been happening is talking about how babies are created and conditioned to act certain ways with "hypnopædia", the discovery of hypnopædia, and a sort of caste system that is in place. One of the more interesting things I read was the implied worship of Henry Ford.

message 9: by Brian (new)

Brian Behrens | 13 comments Brian Behrens
The Naturals
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
"The hours were bad. The tips were worse, and the majority of my coworkers definitely left something to be desired, but c'est la vie, que será será, insert foreign language cliché of your choice here"
My first reaction to this line was that the book was going to have a lot of humor in it, and it is going to be a very entertaining book.
So far, the only part of the exposition that I have read is that Cassie, the main character, works in a restaurant, and she served an FBI agent who left her his card. I also met her family, and was told that her dad isn't around and her mom scammed people as a physic and now is presumed dead.

message 10: by Matt (new)

Matt | 10 comments Matt Vesely
Christopher Paolini
"Wind howled through the night, carrying a scene that would change the world." (Paolini 1). This gives me an ominous feeling, and makes foreshadows a large event.
The books starts in a fictional place called Alagaësia, with the main character Eragon. Eragon is out in a cursed mountain area called the spine, hunting. He comes across a vibrant blue stone, and brings it home. This stone is the same stone from the prologue, but as the reader we still know nothing about it.

message 11: by Hector (new)

Hector Gomez | 11 comments Hector Gomez
Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
Philip K. Dick
"A merry little surge of electricity piped by automatic alarm from the mood organ beside his bed awakened Rick Deckard." My reaction to this is that the character introduced, Rick, might be an android since it talks about a "mood organ". I noticed it worded things interestingly, using words such as merry and piped.
So far, we know that Rick has an electric sheep, which he sort of used to replace the real sheep he had, because they died of radiation which now had infected a lot of Earth, which is why a lot of humans have emigrated to places such as Mars, the radiation was caused by a war mentioned a couple times so far but no given details referred to as "World War Terminus". Rick is confirmed to be an android and he has a wife. We are also Introduced to John Isadore, who is an android still living on Earth, who never wanted to emigrate since androids are commonly discriminated.

message 12: by Mareliz (new)

Mareliz Fraticelli | 10 comments Mareliz Fraticelli
Anna dressed in blood
Kendare Blake
"The grease-slicked hair is a dead giveaway—no pun intended. So is the loose and faded leather coat, though not as much that as the sideburns."
The book starts with different hints that the person being described by the main character isn't alive, like the way he is dressed and the way he talks. As the story continues on, it slowly confirms that the person being described is in fact a ghost and you then meet the main character Cas. Cas basically just kills ghosts (just like his dad used to) who have been harming people.

message 13: by Josh (new)

Josh Jorian | 8 comments Josh Jorian
Hollow City
Ransom Riggs
We rowed out through the harbor, past bobbing boats weeping rust from their seams, past juries of silent seabirds roosting atop the barnacled remains of sunken docks, past fishermen who lowered their nets to stare frozenly as we slipped by, uncertain whether we were real or imagined; a procession of waterborne ghosts, or ghosts soon to be.

The characters who are the "waterborne ghosts" are the main characters that are on their way back to the mainland from the island they've always lived on. They are doing so in the hope of saving more of "their bird's" kind. This hope is driving them to travel across miles of open sea in two separate canoes manned by kids ages 9-16. Technically you haven't met any characters yet but you will soon enough.

message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Shirmer | 8 comments Amanda Shirmer
The weight of zero
Karen Fortunati
"I line the bottles up on my night table."
In this first sentence Cathrine is referring to her prescription pill bottles. The first sentence was very shocking to me. Right away the author is showing the main characters outlook on life, she is depressed and wants a way out.
So far in the story Cathrine tells the reader about her past issues with bipolar disorder. She plans to end her life after she loses her virginity. She meets a new boy at school for a class project. His name is Michael. So far the story is almost too dark but this boy and a few events at school may turn hopeful later in the book.

message 15: by Kendria (new)

Kendria Oyeleye | 10 comments Kendria Oyeleye
The Trials Of Apollo
Rick Riordan
"My name is Apollo. I used to be a god" (page 1. Rick Riordan)
It surprised me because it's from the perspective of a god now and not a demigod.
So far in the book the god Apollo is now a human. He was banished from Olympus because someone of ancestry was on the enemies side, during the fight against Gaea, Mother Earth. They needed someone to blame so they blamed Apollo and threw him onto Earth. He ran into a child demigod named Meg who he now has to serve. I've met the characters Apollo and Meg.

message 16: by Joy (new)

Joy Ruckoldt Mrs. Ruckoldt
George Orwell
"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen." The fact that the clock is striking thirteen shows me that this world is a bit off. Plus, the number 13 has a negative connotation as being unlucky, so I immediately sense that this world is going to be bleak.
So far, the main character, Winston Smith, has been introduced. He is entering his apartment at Victory Mansions, which is ironic since the apartment complex is rundown, smells of "boiled cabbage and old rag mats." Each floor has an oversized portrait of a man's face with the words "Big Brother is Watching You." In his apartment a giant movie screen that can never be shut off watches and listens to his every move and word.
Everything about this world is ironic. The slogans that dominate the society are as follows:

message 17: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Barczak | 10 comments Bobby Barczak
Future Shock
Elizabeth Briggs
"I can already tell this is one of those moments I'll later wish I could forget. But like everything else, it will be burned into my memory forever"
So far in the book Elena Martinez, the main character, is looking for a job without luck. She is a foster kid and is living with 5 other children. Katie is another foster kid who was made fun of by the other kids until Elena befriended her. Someone comes to the door at their foster home and asks for Elena. They are a person who works for a large tech company.

message 18: by Jian (new)

Jian Janes | 12 comments Jian Janes
Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
"Retvenko leaned against the bar and tucked his nose into his dirty shot glass" (Bardugo, 1.)
This book starts in a similar way to the first in the series, Six of Crows. It starts with a character that is not important to the plot and most likely does not appear again but sets up what some of the odds of the main characters will face. It introduces us to the jurda parem, a dangerous drug, while keeping most of what it is unknown and shows the threat of kidnapped grisha by mysterious beast. For me the the line was boring but what happens latter in the chapter makes up for it.

message 19: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Johnson-Wright | 12 comments Jacob Johnson-Wright
American Creation by Joesph J. Ellis
"The question that prompted this book first struck my mind in the fall of 2000"(Ellis 1). From this I can start to interpret how this author writes, speaking directly to the audience reflecting on his own life.
In the exposition the author talks about the writing style and how he will write this book. He then proceeds to talk about something that just happened at the time the election between George Bush and Al Gore and how this stemmed a question about this American system. Finally he talks about some concerns that the founding fathers had and how the American Revolution was such a world altering a event.

message 20: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn Greenbury | 3 comments Evelyn Greenbury
The Evolution of Mara Dyer (#2)
Michelle Hodkin
"Can we become other than what we are?" When I read the first sentence, it made me wonder if the main characters were going to change in some way. It seems like it is foreshadowing a big change in the character's life.
In the beginning of the book, the main protagonist, Mara Dyer, wakes up in psych ward. She is told that she had been trying to convince the police her dead ex-boyfriend was alive and in her house. Her psychologist explains that she had only been hallucinating and that he is not alive. Mara's new boyfriend, Noah Shaw, comes to pick her up and tells Mara that he believes her.

message 21: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Stoycheva | 11 comments Stacy Stoycheva
The Metamorphosis
Franz Kafka

"As Gregor Samsa awoke from unsettling dreams one morning he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin."

I wasn't surprised at what the sentence revealed because I knew what the book was about but I like how it immediately jumps into the books main conflict with this first sentence. So far the main character has awoken to find out that he has transformed into a giant bug. He spends hours trying to get out of his bed and ends up being late for his very strict job. His family is getting worried about him and then the head clerk at his workplace even visits his house in search of him. Gregor is still having trouble getting out of his bed in his new bug form and he's afraid to answer properly to anyone and let them know about what has happened. Eventually they send his sister to go get the locksmith to busy open the lock on his door and that is the last thing I read. The characters introduced so far are Gregor, his parents, his sisters, and the head clerk at his workplace.

message 22: by Angel (new)

Angel Garcia | 2 comments Angel Garcia
there will come a time
Carrie Arcos
"When Chris speaks, his hands flop around like dying fish on the deck of a ship." With this first sentence I was immediately taken aback a just how abruptly this book started, and thought that one of the main characters would be Chris. Although later the reader learns that Chris is a just a therapist who the main character, Mark, is having session with. The two talk about Mark's issue of having to cope with the loss of his sister which happened 1 year ago.

message 23: by Alex (new)

Alex Jarosik | 10 comments Alex Jarosik
Ready Player One
Ernest Cline
"Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when the first heard about the contest" (Cline 1). When I first read this scenetence I instanly thought of major events such as 9/11 or when JFK was shot, and how adults always tell you that they remember exactly what was going on during that time. If everybody remembers hearing about this contest, then it must be extremely life changing and important. At the beginning of this book we are introduced to Wade, a poor boy living in the slums of the future. Wade's one thing that makes him happy is Oasis, a VR game that has infinite possiblilities and worlds. When the creator of Oasis dies, he leaves a challenge to all the Oasis players, which is a hidden easter egg that will give the finder all of the creators fortune. Wade decides to dedicade his life to Oasis, and his one goal is to find the easter egg.

message 24: by Scout (new)

Scout Goodwin | 11 comments Scout Goodwin
Hokey Pokey
Jerry Spinelli
"All night long Seven Sisters whisper and giggle and then, all together, they rush Orion the Hunter and tickle him, and Orion the Hunter laughs so hard he shakes every star in the sky, not to mention Mooncow, who loses her balance and falls push loop! into Milky Way, and Mooncow laughs and splashes and rolls on her back and goes floating down down down down Milky Way, and she laughs a great moomoonlaugh and kicks at a lavender star and the star goes shooting across the sky, up the sky and down the sky, a lavender snow fire ball down the highnight down..." I was very confused while reading this and I knew that this book was going to very imaginative and I would have to thin, creatively to understand it. The story starts off with Jack, a leader of a group of friends, gets a bike stolen by a girl (we don't know the name). Jack becomes very upset and angry because he loves this bike and never goes anywhere without it. Him and his friends Lajo and Dusty search a place called Gorilla Hill to try and find it. This book is set in a different world, it is very peculiar and strange. The author describes it as "A place. A time. A square snowball treat. A circle dance"

message 25: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Montesinos | 11 comments Stephanie Montesinos
Brandon Sanderson

"I've seen Steelheart bleed." This first sentence is very interesting because at first, this sentence makes no sense since everyone bleeds when they get hurt; every human bleeds. However, once I read more into the book, it's a very interesting line because Steelheart is not human, he's immortal and this is extraordinary because people like him are invincible and don't bleed. This sentence then seemed interesting because the character has witnessed something unusual happen that could potentially change the future of the world for the better or the worse.

So far in the book, we're introduced to the main character which is a boy named David and his father. We are also introduced to 3 invincible superhumans with superpowers called Epics. Those 3 Epics are Deathpoint, Steelheart, and Faultline. However, this is only the prologue. When David was 8 years old, he and his father were at a bank in Chicago when suddenly Deathpoint, one of the Epics, came in and pointed his finger at people there, causing them to immediately turn to ash and leave their bones to drop to the floor. Everyone panics because people used to think Epics would save people and be heroes, but with their great power, they take over and take control of people. Suddenly, another invincible Epic named Steelheart comes in and hurts Deathpoint for trying to take over his city. The police come in and try to shoot at him but nothing can hurt him. Except, when David's dad grabs a gun, he shoots it at Deathpoint and kills him, but the bullet grazes Steelheart and actually makes him bleed, something never before seen. Steelheart then kills David's dad and destroys the whole bank, not leaving evidence. David survives and has information that could change the world forever.

message 26: by Madison (new)

Madison Puetz | 3 comments Madison Puetz
Unnatural Deeds
Cyn Balog

"Duchess-Police are investigating an apparent homicide after a body was found in a wooded area early Tuesday morning. Authorities have not yet released the name of the victim or the person(s) they are questioning in connection with the investigation."

As I read this first sentence, not knowing the details of what was going on in the story yet, I wondered how the main character Victoria might be involved in this investigation.

So far in the book, I have met the main character Victoria. I think she might be injured and she is trying to get a hold of someone. She is also having flashbacks about what happened before the accident.

message 27: by DJ (new)

DJ Andrews | 10 comments DJ Andrews
Monument 14
Emmy Laybourne

"Your mother hollers that you're going to miss the bus," (Laybourne 1). When I read this, I thought of Dean, the main character, as a normal teenager and someone I could relate to. It shows that he is not some perfect person who is going to save the world like there are in some other books. The story begins with Dean and his younger brother, Alex, running to catch the morning school bus. The exposition informs the reader that there is a gas shortage, and it is now the law to take the bus to school. We meet Dean and Alex, and then are introduced to Mrs. Wooly, Alex's bus driver, who has been driving the bus for a long time. We also learn of Jake Simonsen, Astrid Heyman, Josie Miller, Niko Mills, and other classmates of Dean. The bus is then attacked by a sudden storm of hail, and the students panic, and end up holing up in the supermarket, where they will try to defend themselves from the coming apocalypse.

message 28: by Katie (new)

Katie Cooley | 11 comments Katie Cooley
Michael Grant
"The little girl's hair caught fire, which flamed magnificently."
When I first read the sentence, I realized that this was a recap of the last book before this one. It was directly quoting one of the last scenes of the book. In the next chapter, it begins to tell what the girl who was burned is currently doing; she is also the antagonist in the story which I drew from previous knowledge from the other books. She is planning revenge on the people that scarred her, and is holding captive people from the town to make sure no one catches her by surprise or tries to hurt her.

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