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Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Murders: An Account of the Matter by John Watson M.D.
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Mark Sohn (httpgoodreadscommarksohn) | 30 comments Simply click the link, ask the insultingly easy question and relax with a pipe...

Piyumi | 5 comments Thanks :)

Mark Sohn (httpgoodreadscommarksohn) | 30 comments The contest is over!; the winner is announced on https://sherlockholmesof221b.blogspot... No hints, but he's from Sri Lanka!. Well Done!.

Piyumi | 5 comments :D woohoo!!

Mark Sohn (httpgoodreadscommarksohn) | 30 comments Piyumi wrote: ":D woohoo!!" It should be with you any day Piyumi!.

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