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Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands

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Nathan Wolf | 1 comments Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands by Dennis Randall “Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands” is the inspirational survivor’s story of a young child's emotional and physical experiences with the trauma of rape, sexual abuse, and even incest. What must a boy do to survive? This story is a vivid journey into the life and mind of a child as he battles to retain his dignity and, despite everything grows up to become his own man.

Available for download from -

I was sexually abused as a child and I have written a book about my experiences.

One day over a cup of coffee, I told a friend. The words slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to catch them. The secret, which I hid from myself for fifty years, was no longer hidden. As I broke down in tears, my friend became the first person to learn of my past.

The simple sharing of repressed memories unleashed a flood of emotions and images. It became almost overwhelming and to restore order to the chaos of recollection; I started a journal which evolved into a 44,000-word book, "Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands."

The memory of my suffering remained within me for so long my silence grew into a prison. I am a survivor of the Shadowlands, and today I'm free and I've begun the healing process. All the energy consumed keeping secrets locked away is now available to help myself heal.

For me, mending my wounds is nothing more than coming to terms with my past and understanding how my experiences helped to shape the person I am today.

Recovery will be a long and sometimes difficult journey. But, I would rather walk this path with friends in the sunshine than to travel alone in the darkness.



I've just finished it! It is very unusual for me to read a full book in a day, but it is so well written it had me gripped. It is sad in places even shocking, traumatic, warm, cheeky, funny and overall it is compelling informative reading.

I felt sorry for you, angry also, but I was happy for you too, you are a survivor. A cheeky, lovable, determined, happy survivor. This book, in my opinion, should be made available to help others come to terms with their abuse. --Alice


Well, your book was received to-day. I have read it Dennis and I thank you for the privilege you have given to me to read it!

I loved all of it – the good, the bad and ugly. In your writing, there is definitely the abuse, rape etc aspect but, you know what, there is also American history. I had to remind myself that this is not a fictional novel but someone’s purging and story. It is a cultured gift you have. Now, Dennis, I have only just ‘met’ you because I was commenting on Veterans of Vietnam site about Australian tracker dogs and your notification came up about your book etc. That is where I found your details!

I will recommend your book to Wattle Place – Relationships Australia – who help abuse victims. – Ilga


“I work in a public school system. I’m sorry to say that I’ve come across many survivors. I try to read books like yours as often as possible. I feel it gives me more insight into what these young people are going through or have gone through. My hope is always to gain more knowledge, which in turn will better help me to help them. I must say, what you have written, and the way you have written it has already enlightened me in so many ways. Thank you.” — Danielle


“This story for me was by far the best I’ve ever read. As a survivor myself you Sir are an amazing person May God continue to bless you and Thank you for sharing your story.” – Shannon


My story is available for download from -

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Vennie Kocsis (venniekocsis) | 1 comments As a sexual, physical and mental abuse survivor, I look forward to reading this book. What a great feat to put our trauma into words.

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