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kaya (ananats) | 36 comments warning: very dark
E Y A S U   G U L E M A

died twenty-seven ; now fifty

• heartless ; cold ; calculating
rude ; angry ; bitter •

what great sin ; patricide !
m u r d e r e r ; arsonist
abél tesfaye ;
black hair
black eyes
5 ft. 11 in.

our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name

Apologise? Never. Eyasu ( a name that means 'god rescues' ) can honestly say that he's never felt the slightest remorse for his father's death. Or the other deaths, and the burnt-down building. He remembers it all – this is supposed to be a punishment, right? – and even though he claims to not care, some things haunt you no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Even he can't help but see the irony in his situation. Claiming that God didn't exist – well if he did, wouldn't he have stepped in and stopped Eyasu's father? ( turns out the 'almighty' is just as insufferable as every other father figure, so no, he wouldn't ) – only to die and discover that he's now God's servant and has to collect people's souls for all eternity. As if one terrible father wasn't enough.

give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we
forgive those who sin against us

Eyasu Gulema was born in the Ethiopian Empire seven years before its fall and the rise of communism in Ethiopia. Cue his family's abrupt move to the United States, where there was no communist regime. Although, really, if communism and dictator, totalitarian, military or one-party are mentioned in the same sentence then you should really start questioning how communist it actually is and how fascist it is. Socialist is also a word to look out for ( 'National Socialist German Workers Party' = fascists ).

America was, in one word, awful. Although it was marginally safer than Ethiopia ( marginally because they were an African family in a highly racist society with guns ), the Red Scare meant that anyone coming from a communist country would be regarded with suspicion, and the general racism just meant that they were treated horribly.

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

Eyasu's father only got worse and worse – he'd always been short-tempered, but he'd never hit his children before. The Red Scare was concerning him, and he spent less and less time in a good mood, worrying over the state of his business and drinking far more than he ought to.

By the time he graduated high school, Eyasu had several scars on his back, courtesy of his father. He escaped to university, but soon found himself fighting racists who had provoked him to the point of violence. And one of them died. He'd hit just a little too hard, and they dropped like a stone. He felt guilty, but it was overridden by his hatred.

Of course he was wanted by the police, so he figured he might as well make the most of it – he was as good as dead either way. He snuck into his family's house one night and set fire to it, watching as his father was burned alive.

The police arrived, shot first and asked questions later. He found himself being forced to collect souls, and, well, that's all there is to it, really.

for the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever


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kaya wrote: "warning: very darkE Y A S U   G U L E M A
died twenty-seven ; now fifty

• heartless ; cold ; calculating
rude ; angry ; bitter •

what great sin ; patricide !
m u r d e r e r ; arsonist
abél tesf..."


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awkward potato | 3 comments

─────────────── ⤫ ARZU KARIMOV ⤫ ────────────────
19 / 45 ( viii/xxx ) ; femme ( bi ) ; grim reaper ( adultery + murder )

portrayed by aya shalkar ; brunette hair, green eyes, 5 ft 04 in ⇠
seductive, passionate ▴ ▾ manipulative, vindictive
It's been said that Arzu is nothing more but a pretty face hiding ugly lies, and some days she finds herself believing it ─ except not really. See, Arzu knows exactly who she is, knows exactly what she did to end up where she is today, and fat chance she'll apologize for any of it. She's a fierce woman who wouldn't bother to give God himself the time of day if she could actually refuse. In fact, Arzu wouldn't bother with anything if she could help it, even if there was something to sweeten the deal. She's over this grim reaper bullshit and she's over humankind; at this point, she's just waiting for the ship to sink. Unfortunately, it's taking more time than she'd like.

Years under the hand of God has morphed Arzu into something she really... isn't. She's become more apathetic, more malicious, and (even though she'd never admit it) more lonely. The passion that landed her in the asinine position she's in has mostly evaporated, her heart guarded despite her endeavors of desire. Because that's the other thing: sex (and misplaced wrath) took her life and now it's her crutch, her way of coping. And it could be argued that Arzu was always this way, but that's not entirely true. Of course she flirted, of course she messed around before she fell unceremoniously from innocence. But total recklessness; utter and complete abandonment of inhibition? That really isn't her style ─ and it wasn't until he came along and made her fall in love, in lust, in madness.

The bad part, she supposes, is that she'd willingly do it all again.

Emre Karimov might've told himself that he loved Aylin, that he was one-hundred percent willing to give up his life to her and the life growing inside ─ but he most definitely wasn't. His true feelings surfaced shortly after Arzu was born, and rather than sticking up for her daughter, Aylin clung tight to Emre and turned her back. As a result, Arzu didn't have the nicest homelife, was never given anything to her out of love or even obligation; she was denied love, denied the chance at a true family. So naturally, when the opportunity of love presented itself, Arzu grabbed it and squeezed tight, tight enough to kill.

Arzu was seventeen when she first saw Isaac Langston. It was innocent, that first encounter, an almost-accident at the coffee shop that left her blushing and stammering and looking over her shoulder as she left. To Arzu, he was perfect; tall and chiseled, his brown eyes sending shivers through her. He was the very definition of 'tall, dark, and sexy'. And she'd be lying if she said she didn't react strongly to him, especially with the lingering trace of his hand on her lower back as he steadied her. Utterly smitten, she kept going back to that coffeeshop, hoping that'd she be able to bump into him again.

Months later and she finally got her wish. It was the same coffeeshop, but a different Arzu, one that knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how to go about getting it. Isaac was all-too-willing to comply despite the little secret he was hiding. Nonetheless, the pair ended up snagging an outside table and talking til Arzu felt thoroughly dizzy with wanting. The rest was history. And it wasn't all that surprising that Arzu became obsessed with Isaac, that she immediately fell in love with him; that's the kind of girl she was ─ is. Her heart is always in the lead, and her body is never close behind.

Soon after Arzu confessed her feelings to Isaac, he invited her to his house. At this point, they'd been talking for a month or two, meeting mostly at little cafes around town. This ─ going to his house ─ was huge. Which is exactly why Arzu made sure she wore her best lingerie under her sexiest dress; she wanted to make an impression, she wanted him to take her. And so he did. They began their intimate relationship and then they were both helpless to stop it. They met multiple times a week, usually for one reason, and Arzu felt wanted, felt loved and accepted and whole for perhaps the very first time in her life. But all good things come crashing down in the end.

Isaac never explicitly told Arzu he was married, but she knew; he wore a ring, there was jewelry about the house, and a satin robe that Arzu liked to masquerade around in that she knew wasn't his. But she never cared. After all, Isaac loved her more ─ and he proved it week after week, day after day. He needed her, Arzu, not his stuffy wife who clearly didn't give him what he deserved. Unfortunately, Arzu was incredibly misleaded. Isaac did love his wife, he just fell for a younger, more wild woman ─ and not necessarily in love. Which is why he ended it when Evette found out.

Arzu was howling with rage and grief and desperation when Isaac called her home (something she'd told him only to do in an emergency) and told her that they were over, that they'd been caught. For the first couple of nights, all Arzu could do was sob; her parents were never around, her friends weren't really friends, and now the only person she had to lean on was saying he was over her. All because his wife said so. Inconsolable and unwilling to try and forget, Arzu found herself at Isaac's house with a terrible plan racing through her head. Isaac wasn't home at first, but Evette was. She was in the kitchen when Arzu first broke in, but she immediately ran when she saw the madness burning deep in her eyes. Arzu, grabbing a knife from the drawer, ran after her. Unthinking, unbreathing, unrelenting, she stabbed her. And stabbed her. And stabbed her.

Arzu was still sitting in a puddle of Evette's blood when Isaac found her. She was smiling and crying and stained red. Isaac was aghast at the scene before him, like something straight out of a horror novel, and did nothing until the woman he once lusted for reached for him. And then he snapped. Isaac flung Arzu against the wall, brandishing the knife that still gleamed scarlet with Evette's blood. Arzu's world came crashing down as Isaac screamed at her; he hated her now and there was nothing she could do, nothing at all.

Really, Arzu isn't sure what happened next. There was a sharp pain, a gasp of breath, and all Arzu could feel was pain. It was a wave inside her, rushing up to swallow her as the edges grew black and her lungs burned with the effort it took to try and force them to work. It was agony and ice and fire and relief when it was all said and done.

And then she woke up with a job to do.
family ;
aylin karimov ── deceased, mother, distant
emre karimov ── deceased , father, distant

friends ;
open but unlikely

enemies ;
evette langston ── deceased ; murdered
isaac langston ── 55 ; former lover ; murderer

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awkward potato wrote: "

─────────────── ⤫ ARZU KARIMOV ⤫ ────────────────
19 / 45 ( viii/xxx ) ; femme ( bi ) ; grim reaper ( adultery + murder )

⇢ portrayed by aya shalkar ; brunette hair, green eyes, 5 ft 04 in ⇠

It's not really possible that she'd be using sex as a crutch because grim reapers are highly discouraged from human interaction, and their "lives" are pretty much dedicated to work... interaction with humans might happen in an incident or two, but would not be repeating.

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