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Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Yin flew in gracefully and stretched his wings above his head as his body stretched when he landed softly on the floor. The floor gleamed with his soft tentative touch against the floor. He flipped the single blond highlight from his eyes and walked toward adestria and gently placed a hand on both her bare shoulders and he placed a soft kiss against her head.
What is troubling you, my love? He looked down at her sleeping form, but he did not want to pry into her mind or her heart. When she was ready she would tell him what was causing her heart to ache

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He smiled kindly down at her and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and hardly made a sound as she bit him.

Its fine, ive been through worse. He folds his wings back into his spine because they were covering the entire floor and he didnt want to accidently step on them, like last time. The thought of that memory actually made him chuckle.

Yet he sat down beside her and looked deeply into her eyes and tentantively cupped her cheek like she was a feather that we would accidently destroy if he so much as clenched his fingers. And yet her memories came into his mind beforw he even had time to stop them, and he dropped his palm from her face and closed his eyes, her emotions twisting around his mind

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He opened his eyes and smiled at her, not wanting to worry her. Its nothing, think nothing of it. just happy that i am here with you He grabbed her around the waist and gently sat her on his lap and hugged her toward him, his chin on her head

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He chuckled and lifted her head jp he with a finger and stroked the softness of her chin. Her sent was kverpowering his senses and all he wanted was take her then and there. But he wouldnt do that....yet.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He growled, and met each of her strokes with his own tongue, his fingers dug into her back, pressing her closer to him. His other hand fisting in her hair as he lifted her up slightly, so she was straddling him. Her skirts falling over his legs. He pulled back from the kiss and pressed a kiss against the exposed skin of her shoulder and up to neck

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Yin eyes darkned with desire and his hand groped at her soft breasts his lips brushing over the pale skin of her neck. His free hand tugging at her hair causing her head to hang back slightly as his lips danced to the center of her breasts, kissing and licking tge tender flesh. Taking in her sweet exhilerating scent that drove him mad with desire and want.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He cupped her cheek gently, his fingers stroking her soft flesh, his eyes searching hers as he tried to determine what was aling her to clutch so unbeknowst to the red pendent around her neck. Whats wrong, my love? He said sitting her up on his lap

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He stared at her, somehow distrusting her words, but he didnt want to push it, so he just nodded and brushed her hair behind her ear. Yang? He jumpsd and then shook his head to get back in the game. Oh Yang! He sighed, xouldnt believe he forgot about him.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments For Lucia, we have to wait until Yang gets bored with her, however fhere is another way to free her buts its very dangerous and risky. For Tahlia i will have to revoke her curse in all hopes that she doesnt lash out at me, she is very vulnerable in that state as it is. As for Apollon, i will have to help him control the power inside of im so whenever i am not here he will take my place. He responded.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He is powerful Adestria, in that form he is a God He responded chuckling a bit as he lowered his lashes to think how he would do it all.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Yin eyes opened suddenly and he grabbed her hands gently in his. Never speak those words to yourself whether in thought or speech, Adestria. Because those words do not speak true, they are misleading thoughts, sent to corrupt your mind and show yoy nothing but pain and sorrow. You are everythinh i am not Adestria, and i still fight for you to see me, not this power that makes so many fear me. He smiled at her lightly as if it were a lovers caress. Trust me, Adestria.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments But i choose you Adestria, when it comes to love, all i ever want to love is you. If their was a way i could prove it to you. Just tell me and i will do it. He whispered watching her, and hating to see her tears spill because of him.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments There is no one out there i could love more than you. He said in her ears, laying his head against her shoulder.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Very special, especially to me. He smiled brightly at her, kissing away the silver tear that spilled from her eyes.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Oh what is that? He asked quite curiously, watching her face as he stared down at her face against his lap and smiled down at her.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He threw his head back and laughed so deeply and lovingly that tears were rushing to his closed eyelids. Oh Adestria your perfect and weird i will admit, but your perfect in my eyes. And being you is what i love best. I dont want you acting like someone your not, being you, is what makes you you. And you being you is what made me fall head of over heels in love with you. He said, moving a stray perfect golden hair behind her ear. So tempted to lift her up in his arms and kiss her passionately

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments He laughed. If you say so my love He said, stroking her hair firmly when she cuddled against. I'll protect you, my love, no matter what happens.His breath brushed against her hair as he whispered these words to her. To his Adestria.

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