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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 24 comments Now through Friday, The Trump Activity Book: Political Amusement for Tiny Hands (child appropriate but adultish satire) is free on kindle.

Is there really a Trump: The Fragrance and Trump: The Boardgame? Does he call more people “Stupid” or “Loser”? In a messy, post-truth world, there’s really only one thing to do – laugh. To aid in this, just in time for Election Day 2017 is the ultimate activity book to understand our new president, brimming with jokes, riddles, and limericks. Color in his hair (and face)! Try to sort the real campaign promises from the fake ones and see which are more ridiculous. Discover how to connect “mango” and “manatee” to create your own nicknames. Sort shapes to find him a nuclear missile and maneuver him through the maze back to Russia. Laugh and cringe, giggle and gag. Buy it for your kids, keep it for yourself.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Lowe (michellelowe7gmailcom) | 27 comments I love this!

message 3: by Crystal Dawn (new)

Crystal Dawn (crystal_dawn) | 51 comments It's not allowing my to purchase it because I'm in Australia. Is there another avenue to take advantage of the deal? I would love to review this! :P

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice Cradle | 4 comments Honestly? I don't think children should be exposed to their parents political concerns even in parody. It feels like propaganda. They should be having fun. Regardless of how much one might dislike Bush, Trump or Hillary( I hate them all and only really liked Bernie). Leave kids out of it.

message 5: by Will (new)

Will (willdhb) | 6 comments Alice wrote: "Honestly? I don't think children should be exposed to their parents political concerns even in parody. It feels like propaganda. They should be having fun. Regardless of how much one might dislike ..."

You don't think you should teach children about civic engagement? Even when current events have an ugly character to them, attempting to instill in your children a concern for the world around them is hardly a condemnable act.

Mind you, I'm guessing he's primarily targeting adults, who are more likely to get the jokes.

message 6: by Alice (last edited Apr 07, 2017 07:44PM) (new)

Alice Cradle | 4 comments Did you tell your children about Bush being wicked due to Iraq bombings? Discuss the wrongdoings of Bill Clinton like his rape of women? Or just Trump due to a personal dislike that children can make their own minds up about. Obama was involved in a war he refused to take troops out of.

Hilary was involved in the bombing of children and Syrian refugees: part of the reason they have to flee to the West in the first place. Isn't it only fair to inform your children of "those" civil engagements if your going to bring Trump's evils into their world? During the war parents did not tell their children grisly details but kept things light-hearted to get them though rough times.

message 7: by Bruce (new)

Bruce E. | 160 comments Unless you can present your 'facts' in an objective manner I do agree you should keep quiet.

message 8: by Will (new)

Will (willdhb) | 6 comments The notion that you must either share the full, grisly details of war and rape with your children or abstain from discussing politics at all is a false dichotomy.

As far as discussing the failings of other politicians - yes, that is worthwhile, although I'm personally of the opinion that discussing the current president's policies is more important than the behavior of, for instance, presidents whose terms ended before your child was born (not to downplay the importance of understanding historical context).

And, of course, if you fail to share your political opinions -- however imperfect -- with your child, then their only sources of information on these subjects will be other, random people, who will probably not care about providing your children with an objective or accurate view. And yes, despite the fact that they're probably not browsing the news like an adult would, they will be exposed to these topics, because politics are about the real world, where children really live and die, lose loved ones to war or leave their homes due to economic conditions.

So maybe this book is a good way to broach the subject of politics with your child, or maybe it's just a bunch of cheap potshots at Trump. But the idea that exposing your children to politics is bad is, I think, simply misguided.

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