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Who killed Daisy Adams?

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Arnold Handler The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons--Who Killed Daisy Adams?
The book never specifically answered this question, but I think it was Lucan:
1. Holmes tells Henry Adams that "Clover . . . Mrs. Adams . . . was murdered" by one of three people (page 458) --Henry Adams, Rebecca Lorne/Irene Adler, or Clifton Richards/Lucan Adler (pages 458, 462).
2. Holmes eliminates Adams (p. 460) --at most Adams fudged his alibi.
3. Holmes tells Irene Adler that he doesn’t think it was her or Lucan (page 550), although Irene seems a little unsure about Lucan (pp. 562-63). Also, neither had a motive to drive her to suicide (p. 562).
4. On the other hand, there is a suggestion that either Irene or Lucan may have unintentionally driven Clover to suicide (pp. 562-63).
5. Further, Lucan may even have facilitated the possible suicide by bringing “the poison [potassium cyanide] to her bedroom that Sunday morning” (p. 562), and Irene did dispose of the glass that held that poison (p. 563).
6. Clara Hay sent the cards (pp. 608-11), but she’s not guilty of the murder.
My thought—Clover Adams, always depressed, came close to the brink of suicide when she found out “about the romantic letter Henry Adams had sent Lizzie Cameron” (p. 551), and Lucan pushed her over that brink because he “was evil at birth” (p. 548; also, p. 549).

Firdows Bodi can you please give me a full plot summary?

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