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Trump parody free on kindle!

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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 1 comments Now through Friday, The Trump Activity Book: Political Amusement for Tiny Hands (child appropriate but adultish satire) is free on kindle.

Is there really a Trump: The Fragrance and Trump: The Boardgame? Does he call more people “Stupid” or “Loser”? In a messy, post-truth world, there’s really only one thing to do – laugh. To aid in this, just in time for Election Day 2017 is the ultimate activity book to understand our new president, brimming with jokes, riddles, and limericks. Color in his hair (and face)! Try to sort the real campaign promises from the fake ones and see which are more ridiculous. Discover how to connect “mango” and “manatee” to create your own nicknames. Sort shapes to find him a nuclear missile and maneuver him through the maze back to Russia. Laugh and cringe, giggle and gag. Buy it for your kids, keep it for yourself.

message 2: by W.T. (new)

W.T. Fallon (wtfallon) | 1 comments Hi Valerie!
This looks hilarious. I wrote a Trump satire myself. So much to make fun of, so little time to write!

message 3: by Liza (new)

Liza (lizaburgos) | 1 comments Trump, Hillary, Bush or Obama : NWO same master/different puppet.

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