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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Nguyen | 1 comments I am a high school librarian trying to build up my Manga section. I like to take requests from our students, and I recently ordered the Is it a Dungeon. It got great reviews and our vendor had it listed at a 8th grade to adult reading/interest level. I was excited to share with my kids, and then I opened the first page and the art kind or worried me about the content level. It's pretty risque. Has anyone read this series, and if so, would you find it appropriate for high school aged students? I want our kids to read what they are interested in, but I don't want to offend parents! Thanks!

message 2: by Will (new)

Will Robinson Jr. | 66 comments Definitely meant for older teen possibly 16+ years. I always say the Japanese rating system is a bit different from ours. Titles mean for teen are probably for kids 13+ while older teen titles are really close to Rated R.

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