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message 1: by itchy (last edited Jan 23, 2017 06:56AM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 1 debt of honor, tom clancy, 10january
this is a reread;
i think i appreciate the story more this time around;
even added another star

2 the ice limit, douglas preston, lincoln child, 14january
a friend started me with their pendergast books;
now i've stopped halfway through to read the rest of their books chronologically

3 utopia, lincoln child, 23january
these guys seem to have a good filipino friend;
first a nestor masangkay graced the prologue of the ice limit;
now a teresa bonifacio actually (view spoiler) brought bagoong with her

message 2: by itchy (last edited Jan 28, 2017 11:14PM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 4 death match, lincoln child, 24january
a singular object for applied technology, although the case seems pretty straightforward

5 the codex, douglas preston, 28january
somewhat a self-fueled tomb raiding adventure

6 charlie and the great glass elevator, roald dahl, 28january
and so charlie's adventures come to a close...

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itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 7 tintin in the congo, hergé, 30january

8 tintin in america, hergé, 30january

9 cigars of the pharaoh, hergé, 1february

read these babies on top of my first ludlum book for the year;
one can see the work improving

message 4: by itchy (last edited Mar 09, 2017 09:44PM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 10 the aquitaine progression, robert ludlum, 3february
finally making progress with ludlum;
maybe i should do dead guys every beginning of month

11 deep storm, lincoln child, 5february
on with my preston & child run

12 the blue lotus, hergé, 6february
realized that this was a continuation of the story in cigars of the pharaoh

message 5: by itchy (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 13 the wheel of darkness, douglas preston and lincoln child, 8february
we met again, aloysius

14 blasphemy, douglas preston, 15february
there is no g--KABOOM!

15 the monster of florence, douglas preston, 18february
what carnage!

message 6: by itchy (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 16 a touch of dead, charlaine harris, 19february

17 terminal freeze, lincoln child, 21february
logan didn't turn out as i expected

18 the broken ear, hergé, 21february
tintin, again

message 7: by itchy (last edited Feb 27, 2017 06:04AM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 19 the black island, hergé, 22february
shenanigans aplenty

20 cemetery dance, douglas preston, 24february

21 the 8th confession, james patterson and maxine paetro, 26february
james + maxine = 8

message 8: by itchy (last edited Mar 03, 2017 02:49AM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 22 impact, douglas preston, 28february
aliens -tsoukalos

23 fever dream, douglas preston and lincoln child, 2march
so he did have a wife

24 go eat worms!, rl stine, 3march
continuing with the goosebumps

message 9: by itchy (last edited Mar 07, 2017 06:26AM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 25 gideon's sword, douglas preston and lincoln child, 3march
not too great a start, we'll see if it measures up on later books

26 cold vengeance, douglas preston and lincoln child, 6march
this is a roller coaster

27 ghost beach, rl stine, 6march
taking time to read these teen horror classics

message 10: by itchy (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 28 gideon's corpse, douglas preston and lincoln child, 8march
still riding the fence on this one

29 the third gate, lincoln child, 9march
first aliens, and now this!

30 extraction, douglas preston and lincoln child, 9march
a story for constance

message 11: by itchy (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 31 the queer visitors from oz, l frank baum, 10march
unknowingly skipped this one when i did an oz run a while back

32 the woggle-bug book, l frank baum, 10march
a reread;
read immediately after queer visitors by mistake

33 two graves, douglas preston and lincoln child, 14march

message 19: by itchy (last edited Aug 01, 2017 09:01AM) (new)

itchy (amadeusitchon) | 157 comments 61 the lost city of the monkey god, douglas preston, 3may
62 the cuckoo's calling, robert galbraith, 20may

my new job is getting in the way

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