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Husna Rosli (husnareads) | 24 comments Assalamualaikum, saya Husna. Maaf lambat sedikit masuk maraton ni. Walaupun sebenarnya dah start, cuma tak buka topic *adeh XD. Alhamdulillah, tahun lepas berjaya sampai target. Kalau tahun lepas 60, InsyaAllah tahun ni 61 (sekurang-kurangnya).

Permulaan 2017 ni, saya mulakan dengan habiskan TBR English books yang tebal-tebal. Maklumlah, nanti dah mula belajar sibuk nak baca buku Library Science dan study :).

1. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
New Moon (Twilight, #2) by Stephenie Meyer

2. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Eclipse (Twilight, #3) by Stephenie Meyer

3. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare

4. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) by Cassandra Clare

5. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Princess

6. Rooftop by Farah Izzlorna
Rooftop by Farrah Izzlorna

Ps: untuk buku seterusnya akan dibuat mengikut format, InsyaAllah :)

message 2: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2843 comments Mod
Selamat bermaraton Husna :)

message 3: by Husna (new)

Husna Rosli (husnareads) | 24 comments Najibah wrote: "Selamat bermaraton Husna :)"

Terima kasih! :)

message 4: by Husna (last edited Jan 29, 2017 05:57PM) (new)

Husna Rosli (husnareads) | 24 comments 7. City of Fallen Angel by Cassandra Clare

1. City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4) by Cassandra Clare

2. 23 January 2017

3. Rating: 5 stars

4. Ulasan:
The story takes place after event in City of Glass, where Sebastian was missing and Valentine died due to killed by the angel. Jace started to have bad dreams, where in that dreams, he killed Clary with a Morgenstern blade.
At first, it really felt like reading Twilight. Clary pretty much act like Bella in a way she was so deeply in love with Jace (which I'm okay with it.) But he's not like your oxygen! However I like how Clary slowly developed as a shadowhunter. Now we see she did more fighting. I also loved how Simon's character developed. He handled his family issue better. I like how he holds the 'key' to how the plot is going.
As a whole, this book is more character driven than plot driven. For writing aspect, needless to say, anyone who knows me already know I adore Clare's writing.

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