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Kassandra Patti Here we go:)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments Thank you. :)
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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments Would you mind if I played Muse A?

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Kassandra Patti Yeah sure you can play muse A:)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments Thank you. :)
Want to go right into posting characters?

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Kassandra Patti Yeah:)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments Okay, I'll have mine posted soon.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
Name: Svetlana Monami Frost
Nickname: Lana
 photo 14240946_702027016616180_96355136_n_zpsvzhfnz5e.jpg
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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’8
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: Lana has two cheek dimple piercings. She also as a piercing on her upper lip. She has several tattoos all over her body, barely a spot that’s not covered.
 photo 14063408_1417110058305238_768396142_n_zpshzor0hlj.jpg
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Personality: Svetlana is extremely stubborn and likes getting her way, but is by no means spoiled. She never really lets on to it, but she really is a caring person who is very protective of the ones she loves. She usually comes off as harsh and cruel when you first meet her, especially not after everything that's happened. She doesn’t like letting people in anymore, to afraid of being hurt. As a result she is also sarcastic and mean to hide her true feelings. Once Lana trusts you though, she's almost a new person. She'll be a lot nicer and will start joking around and having fun, but not only that but she'll also start opening up more about her feelings. ((Will be more developed during rp))
 photo 14709407_106414766508020_8894843365544165376_n_zpsrhh6hnwc.jpg
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History Svetlana’s mother died during childbirth so she never really had that much of a women’s influence on her life. She was raised by her father, who was maybe a little rough around the edges but was a good man. Nikolai, her father, also just so happened to be a high ranking member of a motorcycle club, which was actually kind of awesome. A lot of the other members of the club, and a few of the Old Lady’s helped raise her. So she never really went without something she needed. The way she was raised was definitely unorthodox, but she loved her life and wouldn’t want to change a thing about it.

On Lana’s fourteenth birthday she got her first tattoo, it was a present from one of the members in the club. She loved it so much she couldn’t help but get more and more until nearly her whole body was covered. She just loved the concept of tattoos and thought they were really beautiful and a work of art. After a while she even started getting a few piercings, though really she stopped at three, not wanting to go to extreme with that.

When her dad suddenly died in a motorcyle accident her world just fell apart around her. For a while she was sent to social services before just being sent off to her grandparents house, to people she’s never even met before. They had been her mother’s parents, and since they disowned their daughter the moment she married Nikolai Lana never got to meet them. They hated everything to do with how she was raised and refused to be any part of it. Though now that they actually had a chance they wanted to try and make things better. Well make Lana better. They sent her off to Waverly Preparatory School hoping she’d be whipped into shape and maybe rethink those ridiculous tattoos. ((Will go into more detail as we RP))
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Other: Svetlana always has this necklace on, it’s kind of a family heirloom.
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Kassandra Patti Hey I'm so sorry for the late reply, I'll post my character tonight or early tomorrow! I promise

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Kassandra Patti Name: Tanner Prescott

Nickname: Prescott

Age: 17


Tanner is a laid back guy, he takes mishaps in stride. he's a sweet kid, always doing what everyone asks of him. He tries to live up to his mother and fathers expectations. Be the one to take over the family business. He likes to crack jokes even though sometimes he makes jokes at others expense, but he feels bad. Being the bad guy is not what he likes to do and it hurts him that people see him as a follower and a rude person. He likes to be a studious kid, he'll go party but his school work and girlfriend come before.
He's a romantic when it comes to his beautiful girlfriend, Layla. He also has a pretty bad temper when things don't go his way and he's asked people to stop consistently he will probably explode with rage although he tends to keep it cool.

Appearance: He's 6 feet and muscular from playing as a quarterback for the school team. He has shaggy brown hair with brown eyes.




Tanner was raised by his dad and a nanny. His mother left his dad when he turned 4 and ever since he got raised by his dad and inconsistent nanny. His childhood was rough, never having someone stable in his life.

He got gifts for from his father, whenever he couldn't make it to a junior league game or if he missed a bring your father to class day.
Yet he still grew up wanting to please his father, getting the attention and respect that he needed, the approval from his father is all he ever wanted.

He went to private schools all his life, drivers moving him from one place to another. He never really cared for his mother after the divorce. Her addiction to being wasted all day didn't give them a good relationship. Also making himself vow to not drink, he didn't want to turn into his mother. But he also didn't want to be his father, a workaholic, cold man.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments He's perfect. :)

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Kassandra Patti Should I start or do you?:)

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Kassandra Patti Sorry for the delay again, assignments galore at school but I'm usually on to reply most of the day:)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments I can start.

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Kassandra Patti Okay awesome:)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 27 comments Svetlanna closed her eyes as she took a long puff of her cigarette, trying to relax even just a little bit. These last few weeks since her dad died had to be the worst of her life. She missed him and her grandparents were just as bad as he always said they were. She couldn’t believe they were sent her to this stupid school because they couldn’t deal with her on their own.

“Tell me again why you’re sending me to that school and not just back home” Lana asked as she lit one of her cigarettes, something she’s been doing a lot more often lately. “You don’t want me so just let me go home” she said and turned away from the town car that was currently being loaded with her stuff to glare at her grandmother.

Emily sighed softly, “We’re sending you to Waverly so you can grow up the way you were meant to, as a Rosen” she said with a smile and walked over to Svetlana. She plucked the cigarette out of her hand and tossed it aside. “It’ll give you a chance to learn some manners, and how to act like a lady. Will be a good experience for you” she said.

Lana shook her head slightly, “Translation, you want me to become an entirely different person so I’m not an embarrassment” she said with scowl. “And my last name isn’t Rosen, it’s Frost” she snapped before walking around her grandmother and going back inside.

Svetlana shook away the memory and opened her eyes, the whole point of coming out here was to forget about her horrid grandparents. She was sitting outside behind the school, trying to hide the fact that she was smoking since it was a tobacco free campus. She would have just done it in her dorm but her roommate was the goodie type, so she couldn’t really do it there. “Fuck this sucks” she groaned quietly to herself and went back to closing her eyes, hoping it might help her relax. Though she seriously doubted that it would.

“Miss. Rosen what exactly do you think you are doing” Mrs. Richards, the headmistress of the school, demanded.

“What does it look like” Svetlana asked as she slowly opened her eyes to glance at the older women standing in front of her. She was definitely dressed like a headmistresses, fancy clothes hair in a bun even had the glasses. “You must be Mrs. Richards, I was supposed to meet with you later right” she said with a small chuckle before pushing herself up onto her feet. “Nice to finally meet you” she said and held out her hand for a shake.

“Kindly put out that cigarette and follow me back to my office Miss. Rosen” Mrs. Richards said and turned to walk away without touching the extended hand.

Svetlana dropped her hand and nodded slightly as she watched the headmistress walk away. "By the way it's Frost, not Rosen" she said with a little bite in her tone to let the women know she was serious. When the headmistress didn't give a response she shook her head slightly before putting her cigarette out on the brick of the school. She sighed softly and dropped the butt of it on the ground before following Mrs. Richards, not at all worried about getting in trouble. At this point getting expelled would be a god sent honestly she was hoping that it would happen, the sooner the better. Then maybe her grandparents would just give in and send her back home.


Svetlana looked around a bit dazed as she walked through the hallways of the Waverly Preparatory school. This was the first time she ever actually went into the main building and she was more than a little overwhelmed. The place was huge and a lot more fancy and antique looking then she thought it would be. She probably looked like the definition of a fish out of water in this place. Sure she had her uniform on, but with all her tattoos she definitely didn’t look like someone who belonged here. “Fuck” she muttered with disbelieve. This place looked amazing to say the least, but it wasn’t exactly somewhere she wanted to be.

“Langue Miss. Rosen” Mrs. Richards chided and kept moving through the hallways towards her office.

Svetlanna rolled her eyes and glanced around once more, now trying to find someone she might be able to recognize later, preferably close to her age. Her eyes landed on a guy, who looked a bit to sporty for her taste but was probably someone she’d run into later. For that reason she went ahead and ran into him, literally. She looked around a bit more probably still looking dazed so when she ran into him it probably honestly looked like an accident. “Oh god I’m so sorry” she said and flashed a smile, using the time she had while he was distracted to reverse pickpocket him. She knew the headmistress was going to confiscate her pack of cigarettes if she still had them on her when she went into the office, so she just slipped them into this guy’s pocket without him noticing. She’d just get them back from him later, probably the next time she saw him. She apologized to him a few more times before running down the hallway to catch up with Mrs. Richards.
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Kassandra Patti ((Okay, phew because I don't think i could possibly write that much. Can Svetlana's roomie be tanner gf? I think that would be a lot of drama))

Tanner peeled off his shirt, the sweat making it hard to do so. He threw the shirt on the floor along with the rest of his football gear. The practice had been intense, he had lost count of how many laps they had do run, and how many practice drills they did. Coach's voice was still ringing in his ears. After taking a quick shower, Tanner scrub his head with the towel, drying off his short brown hair. He quickly threw on a Waverly issued polo and his brown khakis.

"Did you see the line ups for the start of the year?" His buddy Joe said clapping Tanner on the shoulder. Joe was his best bud and his roommate, he had his collar popped and his hair spiked up.
"Yeah your ass got benched for missing getting caught with Missy three times man," He said with a laugh, Joe was always getting caught making out with his newest girlfriend, Missy. Relationships were allowed at Waverly but had strict rules about them. There was no PDA allowed, none at all, there were even signs in hidden corners and in the locker rooms.

"Worth it man, worth it." He said giving his the game on face. Tanner looked around, the hallway was starting to get crowded, the socialization of the first day back on campus had everyone excited. Joe threw him his school issued jackets, he couldn't go the first day and already get a reprimand.
"Check that out," Joe said nodding towards a girl with a large amount of tattoos, covering almost her entire visible body. "Looks like theres a hardcore bad ass coming our way." He whispered.
Tanner grunted, the girl having crashed into him, he nodded to her apology and looked back at Joe, "weirdoo," Joe whispered again making wide eyes before turning and walking into homeroom with Tanner.

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