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On Thin Ice: The Changing World of the Polar Bear
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LibraryCin | 8637 comments On Thin Ice / Richard Ellis
3.5 stars

This book is all about polar bears, from the time Europeans first came across them up to their current potential peril due to global warming/climate change.

The history is unfortunate, as humans mostly tended, for a long time, to simply shoot them on site, assuming they were a threat (yes, they can be dangerous, but apparently, they are also very curious, and much of their approaching humans seems more to have been from curiosity than aggression). There was information on their behaviour, which I found particularly interesting. There were chapters on zoos and circuses, and on hunting. The last chapters focused on global warming and how it will affect polar bears and other wildlife in the Arctic; I’ve read enough about this that I’m not surprised by any of it, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating (and sad). There were also plenty of photos, both mixed in with the text and in a separate colour section.

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Booknblues | 6202 comments I read a book about Polar Bears awhile ago and had a time coming up with its name but finally found it. I thought it was quite good so you might want to read it. The Great White Bear: A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear

Here is my review:

LibraryCin | 8637 comments Thank you!!

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Booknblues | 6202 comments LibraryCin wrote: "Thank you!!"

I hope you like it more. I love animal books and I'm really interested in polar regions.

LibraryCin | 8637 comments I do think this one does have a lot of good research in it, but it just didnt flow like i wiuld gave liked.

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