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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Harlequin romance, arranged/forced marriage, hero thought heroine's spoiled, something about 'powersuit'. [s]

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Joyce Ann | 161 comments I read this book probably 4 years ago but I am pretty sure it was published a long time ago. It's a harlequin romance. Here's what I remember:
-heroine had to marry the hero at her father's demand (he's an a**hole)
-heroine had a brother who died, that may be the reason why her father wants her to marry the hero, to have an heir because he doesn't want a woman to inherit
-hero thinks the heroine is a spoiled brat
-heroine has a younger sister that she protects all the time
-the sister (much younger, probably still in elementary at that time) at one point near the end, asked the heroine to come home (she moved to the hero's country after they're married) for some reason
-hero (or is it her father? i can't remember exactly who) threatened the heroine that if she goes home he'll have to give up her child (she's preggy)
-she goes home anyway, the reason is sort of a twist to the story...

there's a quote there that's currently bugging me! it's like 'how will you fight for someone when you don't even know if they want you to win', or maybe I'm mixing things up...

Thank you in advance!

message 3: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Ann | 161 comments WOW!!! Thank you sooooo much!! That's it! Thank you!!!!!

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