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message 1: by Kai (new)

Kai Austin | 6 comments SciFi is used rather loosely as the world is technologically advanced, but it's a story that can happen anywhere. If you are interested, please PM me.

As I understand this is long, I don't expect swapping to be fast as much as consistent. We can work out a schedule. I'm open to reading anything except for erotica and straight romance.


Sergeant Kyshen murdered his best friend. He knows it. The Order knows it. Almost everyone knows it. But when rookie police officer Jeila suspects Kyshen's crime was not one of malice, she requests her first assignment be to prove his innocence.

However, she is given a warning: avoid any interaction with the Duneside School for Genetic Variants. Part because of long standing feud between the region's consul and a member of The Order. Part because the man Kyshen murdered graduated from that school a year ago.

And then Kyshen has to go and save a student named Dason from being killed by a classmate.

However, Kyshen refuses to lose his friend again.

message 2: by Andy Huang (new)

Andy Huang | 5 comments Sorry, I made an earlier post but had to retract it due to some circumstances. If I'm able to offer a swap some time later I'd like to, thanks!

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