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Okay, hopefully you all can help me.
There's an old school Harlequin ( I'm pretty sure it's Harlequin but it might be Mills and Boon.) Anyway a innocent heroine marries a brutally rude and controlling man. There's a letter misunderstanding. Like she hides a letter from him from the other woman and that's how she is able to marry him? I'm pretty sure that's the basic plot.
Here's where I think it's the same book but I could be combining it with another story. He finds the letter? Or she confesses about the letter? Either way he takes up again with the other woman. I want to say there's a dinner party where another man shows interest in the wife? I also remember a scene where she wears an elaborate nightgown and it either leads to her husband finally consummating or leads to a big fight where he leaves? Or a combination of both? Also, I think she leaves him and then he comes for her. I think at some point she kinda gets a makeover too. I remember there being staff and lots of misunderstandings because they stay in separate rooms? Help, y'all!

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boogenhagen | 70 comments You are combining two books here but both are M&B/Harlequin.

The one with the missing letter is Mary Burchell's Except My Love.

The second book also involves a letter but it is one the husband writes to his very unwanted wife Roberta Leigh's In Name Only. That is the one with the consummation and fight and she leaves.

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boogenhagen | 70 comments Also check out Roberta Leigh's Temporary Wife and Rachel Lindsay's Substitute Wife

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