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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Heya.

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Amber | 683 comments Hello

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments So would you be okay with doing like a boss/employee MxM?

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Amber | 683 comments Umm sure

message 5: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments It's okay if you had another idea or if this one doesn't appeal to you. :) Just say so.

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Amber | 683 comments I think it's just going to depend on like, where they are working and stuff. So let's talk it out a bit

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Alright. What do you think?

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Amber | 683 comments lol I don't know. What did you have in mind for the characters?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments I was thinking like one man is high up-ish in a corporate business and the other is a new employee and like a day before he begins work, they have a one night stand and that makes things kinda tense around the workplace until they finally face what happened and admit that they have an attraction to one another and how they should go forward with it.

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Amber | 683 comments I don't really think I'm up for that. I was thinking just more maybe the boss is known for being stoic straightforward, and rather emotionless. And the employee would be surprised to find out that his boss shows other emotions after spending a lot of time on a particular project together. Like maybe the employee was even afraid to work with the boss because of his rep. And they end up liking each other. Idk. I also automatically assumed you would want me to be the boss so I made up a character in my brain already.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Okay. I like that. And it's fine if you want to be the boss. :)

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Amber | 683 comments lol I don't have to be. I'm just used to people automatically assuming that the boss would be the dominant character and wanting the submissive one. I think I would rather be the boss but I think maybe after their first kiss or whatever he'd be pretty submissive.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Ooh. I like that. So it seems like your OC would be then Dom in the relationship but it's switched and mine is. I like that.

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Amber | 683 comments Okay cool. Let's make some characters then?

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Amber | 683 comments Oh what occupation?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Um. PR? Or a corporate business? A publishing company?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Name: Nixon Zekariah Hardy
Nickname: Mr. Hardy (students), Nix or Zeke (close friends & family)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Handedness: Right
Social Class: Upper Middle
School: Graduated from University
Grade: Graduated with Bachelors in Education (English)
Occupation: Was an English teacher at local high school (10th Grade) but has since quit
Illness/Genetic Disease:* None

General Appearance
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Ice Blue
Skin: Tanned Caucasian
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lbs
Body Type: Trim, not overly built
Markings: "Lillian" tattoo
Piercings: Earcuff


(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Nixon lived a pleasant young life. He lived with parents and sister, Lillian. He grew up very smart, top of his class in not math but english. It was almost like a passion of his. Nixon graduated high school and college with straight A's, which was surprising. His life was turned upside down though when Lillian died and it was heartbreaking because the person he had always looked up to was gone. Nixon was twenty when his sister died and he was given custody of Lexi. It became a legal battle with his parents that he would fight for almost a year before gaining real and permanent custody of Lexi, making him her adoptive father. His relationship with his parents was strained after that but he had bigger things to worry about. Nix hadn't known Lexi had autism but when he learned that she did, he took the news in strides and began adding ASL to his English vocabulary. He learns new words every day and teaches them to Lexi.

Nixon is an honestly very caring man and had a great passion for his job. He loves teaching. Nixon has no qualms with the way he lives. He is happy with how much money he makes and the little house he calls home. But the backlash he had been receiving against trying to educate kids on autism through his lessons brought him to quit. Nixon always hides the pain he feels when he needs his big sister but can no longer see her. Nixon loves his daughter -and niece- to death even with her autism. He has found that it has made him smarter and he has an incredibly strong relationship with Lexi. Nixon is grateful for all that has happened, choosing not to mope about it all.

Mother: Carol Terence-Blackwell (39)
Father: Perry Blackwell (43)
Sister: Lillian Blackwell-Kellian (24) ~ Deceased
Brother-in-Law: Jackson Kellian (26) ~ Deceased
Adoptive Daughter/Niece: Lexi Kellian-Blackwell (4)

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Name: Lexi Andrea Kellian-Blackwell
Nickname: None
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Handedness: Ambidextrous
School: Preschool for Special Children
Grade: Preschool
Illness/Genetic Disease:* Nonverbal Autism

General Appearance
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin: Mixed (White Mother, Black Father)
Markings: None


Tragedy hit Lexi before she was born. Her mother and father got into a horrible car wreck while her mother, Lillian, was pregnant. Her father, Jackson, was announced dead at the hospital and Lillian lived only long enough to name Lexi, meet her, and pass custody of the her over to Nixon. Lexi was diagnosed a year and a half later with autism when it became obvious she was neither speaking nor developing like a normal child would. Still, she was never aware she was different or slower than older children in many ways. Nor is she aware that Nixon is not her biological father and that her biological parents died.

Lexi is a sweet young child that is impeded daily by her nonverbal autism. She is very shy when meeting someone new but it doesn't take long at all for her to warm up to you. Lexi can also use sign language and can use it very well, learning new words every day as her Daddy teaches them to her.

Lexi hates using her left hand even though she is ambidextrous.
She won't eat any cereal, no matter what it is. No one can figure out why.

Mother: Lillian Blackwell-Kellian (24) ~ Deceased
Father: Jackson Kellian (26) ~ Deceased
Adoptive Father/Uncle: Nixon Zekariah Blackwell (25)


Her nonverbal autism leaves her unable to speak. She communicates through sign language and has certain gestures that mean certain things.

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Amber | 683 comments I'd say like a corporate business or PIs or lawyers.

message 20: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Let's do a corporate business then.

message 21: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments Psht my character isn't going to have that much detail

message 22: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Sorry and it's fine. It's a copy and paste I made a while back.

message 23: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments I'll get a character up later when I'm on my computer.

message 24: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments That's fine. :)

message 25: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments lol I found too many attractive faces and I don't know who to choose now. So imma let you choose.

Thomas Davenport

Alex Prange

Mariano Di Vaio

message 26: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments I like Alex and Mariano both. Maybe one is a shot of him professionally and one is a candid shot? And you choose a name you like better?

Or, you can just do Alex.

message 27: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments lol those are the models. I'll just do Alex if you like him best. I'm still not in my computer though.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments It's fine.

message 29: by Amber (new)

Amber | 683 comments Turns out I don't have wifi right now. So I'm going to have to make it on my phone which isn't ideal. But it will have to work I guess.

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Amber | 683 comments

Samuel Oliver Jones

If anyone is lucky enough to call him anything other than Mr. Jones it's definitely not Samuel. He hates the name because that's what his father called him so he goes by Oliver. Other than that he doesn't have any nicknames unless eventually your character comes up with some.

He doesn't even really know. He doesn't often find people attractive but when he does it's usually men but the one person he slept with was a woman.


нєιgнт~ 6'3
єує¢σℓσя~ Grey
нαιя ¢σℓσя~ Brown
вσ∂у туρє~ Muscular but not gross muscly. He stays in shape because he doesn't want to go back to being the scrawny kid.
мαякιиgѕ~ He's got scars all over his upper body. They are mostly faded with a few exceptions that had been so deep they were still prominent even as an adult. They are on his back, shoulders, chest, and stomach for the most part.

He's stoic and doesn't really understand how to express any emotions other than angry because he hasn't ever really felt them. The only reason he's not a virgin is because he got drunk one night and did a thing. Other than that he's had zero relationships. He doesn't really have any friends and lives on his own like he always has. Other people confuse him and he doesn't understand their habits. He also suffers from night terrors but they aren't all that often. But when they do occur they are awful.

Oliver is the only child of an abusive alcoholic and a runaway mother. The second his mom could she walked away from his dad leaving him in the care of an awful man. He was abused for most of his childhood, and still has the scars to prove it, until his father died of liver failure. Oliver had been the one to find him after coming home from school one day. With no known family and no will he was put into the foster care system. He was a scrawny kid so he was always pushed around by other orphans. He was one of those kid geniuses though and finished school earlier, mostly out of ambition to get the hell away from where he was. He is the manager of one of the corporate offices that is soon to become the headquarters so he's stressed out for the CEO to come and inspect his work. Employees are scared of him because of how blunt and straightforward he is. The problem is he sees the world in black and white so he has no concept of how to talk to people. His therapist for a long time thought he was a sociopath or a psychopath before realizing he literally just doesn't know how to have those feelings but is perfectly capable. Oliver thinks his therapist is only good for giving him the anti-depressants and anxiety medication that keep him sane everyday.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments :) I like it.

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Amber | 683 comments Awesome. Do you mind starting? Also, how detailed is this supposed to be?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Uh. It doesn't matter so long as it doesn't get boring or too small that I can't reply.
I'll start this evening. I have school.

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Amber | 683 comments Okay that's cool. I don't ever write less than a good sized paragraph anyway.

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Amber | 683 comments And I can write up to 10 paragraphs though that's not preferable.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments
Nixon was sure he was going to lose his mind in the next two seconds if his lovely and lively daughter and niece didn't stop running around their little house like a maniac supplied with a couple bottles of energy shots. He ran a hand slowly through his hair and groaned out loud. He loved his little Lexi but she was going to be the death of him. Still, Nixon put a smile on his face and scooped the little maniac into his arms, peppering her face with kisses as she giggled and tried feebly to get away from him in her play. "It's time to get dressed, Lexi," he informed her as he took her to her bedroom then set her down on the plush carpet. "Go pick out your clothing, sweetheart."

Nixon began to tidy up her bedroom, she was a spoiled little girl with more toys than he could count. When her parents, his sister and brother-in-law, died and he gained custody of Lexi, it seemed like everyone started donating and giving him both old and new things for Lexi considering he didn't have anything for her and her parents had had only the bare minimum in the first place. So know, she was spoiled with a princess bed and a matching bedding along with a dresser and two bed tables. She had numerous toys and a closet filled with clothes, some she hadn't even worn yet. He looked down at his little darling as she tugged on his slacks and presented to him the clothes she had decided she was gonna wear that day.

"Alrighty," Nixon said, taking the clothes from her and lifting her onto the bed so he could help her get dressed. The whole process to an extensive ten minutes because she wouldn't stop signing to him log enough for him to get the shirt off and on her. Finally though he had her dressed and he set her down. "Okay. Time to go. Daddy has to get to work," Nix told her, grabbing a pair of slip on shoes for her and tossing them in her diaper bag before hoisting it on his shoulder and lifting her into his arms, holding on his hip with one arm and gathering the rest of the things he needed with his free hand. Finally, he got out the door and to the car. Nixon settle Lexi in her car seat and put a toy in her hand, closing the door and getting into the driver's seat.

Nixon had to bring Lexi to work with him every day because he couldn't find a babysitter who could sign and deal with the fact that his daughter wasn't going to speak to the. It's not like she didn't have a choice in not speaking, she just didn't want. It was just the how the autism affected her, he couldn't help that. But because she was quiet and he had his own office, he was allowed to bring her. He honestly didn't know what he would do if he couldn't. Lexi didn't have school every day, only on the weekends, when he didn't work.

Nixon arrived at the work building and gathered all his belongings and his little girl, taking her hand as he walked with her into the building. "Good morning, Sarah," he smiled, greeting the secretary that sat on the first floor. Lexi waved "Hi" to her as they passed and Nix grinned. She was such a social child despite the fact she didn't speak. He pushed the button to bring the elevator down and walked into it with Lexi, hitting the button for the 8th floor. When they arrived, he walked to his office and unlocked the door. "Here we go," he mumbled to himself as he let go of Lexi's hand and began to situate everything.

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Amber | 683 comments It was the same routine every morning. Oliver got up at 4 in the morning and went to the gym. This morning was no different. His alarm clock went off and he slapped it with his large hand that was calloused from his days in the gym. He got up and dressed in sport shorts and an athletic shirt before going down to his in home gym that he was rather proud of. It was one of the few things he held pride in, and being successful in which this gym derived from was one of those things, but not because of the money aspect like most people would assume. It was because he had proved them wrong. Just because he wasn't worth anything in human relationships didn't mean he couldn't be worth something to a company. This illusion helped keep him grounded.

He ran a few miles, his feet could hardly be heard as they slapped the track of the treadmill. He'd pushed himself harder that morning, sweat dripped down his face and wet his shirt, making the blue fabric appear darker than it was. When he was done with cardio he moved to lifting weights, making sure to get all of the muscle groups so no one would ever find a thing that was wrong with his body again. And this included his arms, back, stomach, sides, legs. He even liked to strengthen the muscles in his hands for grip strength. And once this daily morning routine was finished he left and went back up his bedroom, grabbing clothes to change into for after his shower.

Oliver's shower also had a routine. Everything he did had routines because he liked the scheduling. He liked having a positive idea on what he would be doing and surprises or changing plans didn't go well with him usually. When he was finished he pulled on underwear and went through the rest of his morning routine, meticulously fixing every misplaced hair, though neglecting shaving because he'd found he liked a little beard lately, brushing his teeth, spraying cologne, then dressing in his suit. Pairing his grey suit with a navy blue tie today cause he didn't like pairing navy blue and black so if he didn't wear it today he never would and then it'd be a waste of money. Once he was finished with that he took his medication and headed out at precisely, 5:45.

On his way to work he mentally went through what he needed to do when he got there. Since the CEO would be coming to check out the building and potentially have it the new headquarters there were a lot of loose ends in the company that needed to be tied up and he knew he couldn't do it just by himself. So he'd gone through the employee records and asked around, determining his helper would have to be Nixon Hardy. There were a lot of good things Oliver had heard about the guy and he needed someone that would do his job and do it well. He only hoped he wouldn't end up making Mr. Hardy quit. He had a bad habit of doing that. And he fully didn't intend to do it, he actually never quite understood what he did wrong ever he just knew it was a problem with him.

When Oliver pulled up a parking attendant took over his car and he grabbed the things he would need that day, which mostly just entailed his work phone and his personal phone. He always kept separate ones though he never ever used his personal one except to make appointments with his therapist and even that was rare. It was only whenever he needed his prescription refilled or he knew he absolutely needed to. Because he hated therapy. "Sarah. I need you to have Nixon Hardy come up to my office at 10," he stated upon entering the building at 6, "thank you." He'd made it a point to learn everyone's names and make sure he could match their faces. If he had a problem with human interactions he at least had to try and make an effort, though he had a hard time pushing it. He rode the elevator up to his office on the top floor and when he entered sunk into his desk chair, turning on his computer then signing in to the system.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((Just to let you know, with this long replies, it will take longer for me to get them up just because I will spend more time on it.))

Nixon sat down at his desk and turned on the monitor, leaning back in his seat while he waited for it to fully power up. He watched Lexi momentarily as she began to play with the dolls he always brought along. Surprisingly, he was always able to keep her entertained for the 10 plus hours they were there everyday. He straightened in his seat as the start up screen appeared and prepared himself for a grueling day typing up documents and fixing a bunch of random things because no one else wanted to do it.

He spent the next couple of hours doing just that and only paused to take a thirty second stretch and make sure that Lexi was doing alright, taking care of her needs when they arose. Thankfully, he had a bathroom attached to his office so he didn't have to go far when she needed to go. At a quarter to ten, his in-com buzzed and stopped what he was doing, pressing the button to receive whatever message was being delivered to him by Sarah. "Yes?" he asked, not bothering to ask who it was. He didn't particularly care since it was a call to tell him there was more soul sucking work to be done a top of what he had already been assigned for that day through a number of emails from all the various departments within the building. At least that was what it seemed like. "Mr. Hardy, Mr. Smith would like to see you in his office at 10 o'clock," Sarah told him then the red light faded, signaling that was she intended on telling him. Nixon released the button and let out a heavy sigh. He could have sworn this was the most stressful day of he had had since he had started and he had only be in his office for all of two hours. Nixon pushed away from his desk and stood, taking a moment to pop his back. "Lexi, we have to go somewhere else for a while, okay?" he said, going over to her and crouching beside her as she looked up at him. He kissed her forehead and picked her up in his arms, letting her keep a hold of the toys she had in her hand. He had to take her with him and he had to make sure she would stay preoccupied.

Nixon didn't know why Mr. Smith wanted him but if he was being honest to himself, he was terrified. He couldn't recall doing anything that might make him unhappy but he never knew. He hardly ever spoke to the man and when he did, it was more nerve wracking than being a tenth grader with a 10 minute speech to present. He certainly hoped it wasn't so he could fire him. Still, he tried to keep an open mind and prayed that Lexi didn't act up while they were in there.

Nixon began the wall to the elevator and waited patiently, in no rush to get up seeing as he had a couple minutes of leeway to get to his office. He tickled Lexi as he held her upon getting on the elevator and smiled as she giggled, her bright smile and laugh infectious. Nixon kissed her head a few more times before they got off on the right floor then he set her down and instead took her hand, holding one of her dolls in his free hand. He turned his wrist up and looked at his watch. 9:57 it read. Three minutes early. Still he knocked on the door to Mr. Smith's office and studied the placard until he was granted entrance into the office.

Nixon turned the knob and opened the door, placing a pleasant smile on his face as he stepped in with Lexi at his side. Who was know leaning shyly against his leg and chewing on the hand of one of her dolls' hands. "Good morning, Mr. Smith," he greeted him, inclining his head. He glanced for a second to see if there was a good place to sit Lexi while he spoke with Mr. Smith. And while his job was important to him, Lexi meant more to him. So he took no shame or apology in turning his back to him and crouching in front of Lexi. "You sit over here and play while Daddy works, okay?" Nixon told Lexi softly, pointing to a nearby, empty space by the wall and the four year old nodded. She moved over to the wall, and once she had been given back her other doll, she resumed her playing from where she left off. Nixon stood and turned once more to Mr. Smith, walking closer to the desk so he could speak with him.

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Amber | 683 comments ((That's fine. I can't reply right now but hopefully I can later. We don't have to stay at this length. And my characters name is Mr. Jones ^.^))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((Sorry. I can't correct it right now. You can post whenever you want and I'll fix it as soon as I get the chance.))

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Amber | 683 comments ((Do you mind if my next post is shorter? If it has to be this long I don't know when I'll be able to get it up.))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((No, it's totally fine. :) I can do whatever size. I don't mind.))

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Amber | 683 comments Oliver had spent most of his morning on a conference call that had ended just minutes before he heard a knock on the door. He took a deep breath, normally he liked to take some time to decompress but since he had said ten and scheduled that he needed to stick to it. He took a moment to get out of his different language speaking mind and get back into English. A lot of his calls were made in a different language and the one previously he'd spent a few hours talking in German to some people that he needed to keep happy in order to continue doing business with them.

"Come in," Oliver said loud enough to be heard through his door when he heard the knock. A wave of anxiety rushed through him at the sight of a child. He had even known Mr. Hardy brought his daughter to work, he'd just forgotten until the last moment. And if Oliver was honest, children terrified him. He stood and stuck his hand out, having never actually met Mr. Hardy before. "Good morning Mr. Hardy. Thank you for taking time to be here this morning," he spoke. Though they both knew that Nixon Hardy hadn't had much of a choice in if he came or not.

He sat down after shaking hands and motioned for Nixon to do the same. "I've had you sent here today because I've reviewed your record and talked to your boss," Oliver was Nixon's bosses boss, "and I like what I see from you. I need someone to be at my side for a few months. The CEO of the company is planning on making this the new headquarter building if he is satisfied with what he observes when he comes. I need you help with doing a bit of grunt work and on a few big jobs. You'll get a significant pay raise of course and for whatever overtime you end up working I'd also pay you for. Is this something you'd be interested in?" he questioned.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Nixon nodded in understanding and shook his hand firmly, sitting down after being prompted to do so. He settled in the seat, reading his hands on the arm rests. As Mr. Jones spoke he cocked an eyebrow, his minor expression of surprise. By no means was he not honored in a way that Mr. Jones found him to be a suitable candidate for such a job but he feared that both he and Lexi would not be able to handle such a schedule. "I need assurance that I can leave to take my daughter to school and bring her back if I am here working on the weekends. If I cannot do that then I am afraid I can't do this. When it comes to my job verses my daughter she will win," Nixon told Mr. Jones unashamedly. He meant what he said and if it lost him this then so be it. Everything he did was for Lexi. He had to be able to properly care for her. He stays quiet as he waited for Mr. Jones' response.

Beyond the situation with Lexi, if he allowed to have that time to take her to wherever it was that she needed to be, Nixon was bit nervous, apprehensive even, about working with Mr. Jones. He had heard lot about the man and while he wasn't going to jump to conclusions, Nixon was aware, just like everyone else, that a couple of people had quit their jobs at the company upon working with Mr. Jones. Which concerned him. While he had no reservations about quitting, he didn't want to go through that process again of waiting and job uncertainty as he waited to see if they would hire him or not. He had had his fill of that after quitting his job as a teacher.

Still, he kept an open mind to the idea to working with Mr. Jones and waited patiently for his response. He head turned slightly in the direction of where Lexi was playing as her noises got louder. His daughter loved to make noises and scream and laugh, she just didn't want to speak. It was an automatic response as he listened for her noises of distress. When he knew that she was fine and just playing with her dolls, he turned his head back to Mr. Jones.

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Amber | 683 comments ((I'll reply later but again, it's Mr. Jones ^.^))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments :)

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Amber | 683 comments ((I've got writers block for this right now.))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((Would you like to skip to something else?))

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Amber | 683 comments ((I don't think skipping will help. It's the kid thing. I don't rp with kids involved usually. I don't like doing it. So I've been trying but... Idk. I'll try to get a reply up.))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((I wouldn't have minded taking the kid out. We can just stop if you want.))

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