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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (mangobookss) | 158 comments Mod
What are your thoughts after reading the latest installment?

message 2: by Black (new)

Black Cat (blaccat) | 4 comments Emotions all ovet the place. I love Maven even more, if possible, Cal is still a pain in my butt, I have no idea what to say about Mare anymore, Evangeline I kind of liked. I cannot wait a year for the last book ah!

message 3: by Annie Kaye (new)

Annie Kaye (akaye_47) | 9 comments I'm currently reading it and it is amazing! I had one of those special moments where I was complete captivated in the story I literally couldn't stop reading. It has everything I wanted and anticipated. And MORE MAVEN YAS.

message 4: by Deeyana (new)

Deeyana the ending broke my heart!! it was really good, but at the same time I am so emotional now and I don't know what to do with myself

message 5: by Rose (new)

Rose (mangobookss) | 158 comments Mod
Deeyana wrote: "the ending broke my heart!! it was really good, but at the same time I am so emotional now and I don't know what to do with myself"

I felt the same way! I kid you not, I threw the book, and then I ran to pick it up and cried some more.

message 6: by Rose (new)

Rose (mangobookss) | 158 comments Mod
How the heck, do they enjoy running together?!!?? If Cal is so tall his strides must double Mare's! How can she keep up?!?!! Like I have trouble running a mile by myself! But they enjoy it! And they do it together?!!?!

message 7: by Rose (new)

Rose (mangobookss) | 158 comments Mod
So you remember how all the different lighting people dyed their hair the color of their lightning? After what Cal(a.k.a the worst) did, I want Mare to shave her head and dye it purple. That's what I would do if a man did me wrong along with maybe burning/kicking is mode of transportation.

message 8: by WitchwithBook (new)

WitchwithBook | 9 comments I just finished it last night .... I have no words ..... I have no idea who I like the most,Maven or Cal . Cal is such a sweetheart but he just can't make a one good decision even in the epilogue he wanted to have both (Mare and the crown) . Maven is an asshole ... he loves Mare but hurts her every time....
So many people are wondering what will happen in the 4book . I think that Maven will die ,Cal will have a child with Evangeline and he will be king .... and Mare ,she will end up alone or with Kilorn... and I don't want this to happen

message 9: by WitchwithBook (new)

WitchwithBook | 9 comments I'm sorry if there's any grammar errors or typos.

message 10: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 18 comments IM AM SO FREAKING LIVID!!! i just finished the book like 2 minutes ago and i have just been reflecting/ crying. so like when she walked away from cal i remembered john (the eye guy) was like "u will have to stand alone" or whatever and then i remember commenting on one of these where the discussion was abt whether she would end u w cal or mare and i said that like she might not end up w either or if she does cal. but honestly my heart broke IN HALF when Cal would not choose her. UGH CALORE i love u but like make better decisions man. idk im kind of happy for mare but at the same time...he is the only one that really understands her. I also JUST remembered while writing this when MAVEN told her to "hide her heart" or something like that LIKE WHY DID SHE NOT LISTEN TO HIM. (towards the end) IN THE TEXT SHE FINDS THE EARRING IN HER POCKET THEN ALMOST LAUGHS. "another broken promise. another calore betrayal" THIS LINE IS MAKING ME HAVE MAJOR TRUST ISSUES AND HEARTBREAK. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE LIFE RN. ugh it was SUCH a good book, but like i feel like there are too many loose ends so if aveyard is NOT making another book... i will just like not be able to do anything with my life bc i HATE opened ended books. like there was NO info literally N A D A on what happened to maven which i like still have hope for and stuff. we never find out abt mare's family OR KILLHORN MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. like all my emotions are ALL of the FREAKING place. this cannot be the end.

if u read all that, thank u, u are real

message 11: by WitchwithBook (new)

WitchwithBook | 9 comments I know how you feel . My heart is broken because of the end.... Can't wait the 4book ....

message 12: by WitchwithBook (new)

WitchwithBook | 9 comments I'm sooo team Cal ,but at the same time I don't like people who can not make decisions... and that's the reason I like Maven too ,because he CAN make decisions .
This book confuses me a lot 😂

message 13: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (divergentpll) | 1 comments I just finished the book today and I'm all over the place. Like I just can't hate Maven the way I want to. Cal and Mare were perfect and Evangeline like, I don't hate her. I hate the adults and their mindset because I can see that all everyone wants to do is unify except for the adults. They're all like puppeteers. Don't get me started on the Shade feels. I just want to ask Victoria for all that to be a lie. I need the next book ASAP

message 14: by #Savagestorm (new)

#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 15 comments Mod
Yo guys, I just finished reading the last book in the series. Is there a continuing series after this? There better be.

message 15: by Mackenzie :) (new)

Mackenzie :) (book_girl_777) Don't spoil I've been trying to read war storm every night before I go to bed. Let's hope i finish it quickly so we can talk about it!

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