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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris (monstertoaster) | 16 comments Please add a cover to Under Major Domo.

message 2: by monika (last edited Jan 22, 2017 02:01PM) (new)

monika (lunafreya) | 132 comments to which edition?

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42006 comments Mod
The edition with the same ISBN already has a cover:

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris (monstertoaster) | 16 comments Trade Paperback. I'm not sure what's happened but the edition I have on my currently reading list seems to have very little information about the book.

If I do an ISBN search I find dozens of editions of the same book. Second question, how's the best way to change editions if the edition I'm reading really doesn't exist?

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