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message 1: by Pixel (new)

Pixel | 12 comments Hi !

I'm looking for some books/series with immortal heroines. She can be anything goddess, fae, vampire, dragon, demon and more. She can be immortal from the start of the book or gain immortality. I prefer adult or new adult books over ya. I was actually searching for a specific book series but don't remember much about it except that the heroine becomes a sort of goddess of love/fertility/lust(?) (and for some reason I want to say war but I'm afraid I'm mixing two book series) something like that I think during the first or second book. If anyone remembers any series like that please let me know :). Thanks !

message 2: by Mya (new)

Mya | 20 comments Ella Summers Legion of Angels Series 1-3 1. Vampires Kiss Witch's Caldroun and Siren's Song

message 3: by Pixel (new)

Pixel | 12 comments Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I just read the summary and it seems like a really great storyline + Ella summers is a good writer not my favourite one but still I've read some of her book series like dragon born and liked them.

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