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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina Merry | 8 comments I know there was already a thread but it's quite old now. So was wondering if anyone would like to meet up? I'm looking to explore gender equality, women's right and I would love to meet new people and make friends :) there's a #March4Women on the 4th of March and was wondering if anyone was going and if they would like to meet before I toddle on my own their?

message 2: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Nina. I know at least two of us from the march Saturday ate up for the 4th

message 3: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments thanks Meelie 5th it is sorry, wanting to get started :)

Agnes Szalkowska | 386 comments That my fault I tell Ross about that and I thought is 4 of march ;)

message 5: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Maybe I will go both days just to be sure ;)

message 6: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Watts | 21 comments I'm hoping to go :-)

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments I'm interested :) It would be great to meet every couple of months to discuss the books together!

Agnes Szalkowska | 386 comments I will be there for 90% :)

Agnes Szalkowska | 386 comments Again ;)

message 10: by Kiho (new)

Kiho Ko Frequently i flowed someone's mind . but , now , first pursuade my parent , ( i wanna visit there meet up . )

message 11: by Kiho (new)

Kiho Ko ah . find help me .

message 12: by Kiho (new)

Kiho Ko maybe i attend that discuss ... main focus will be concern start to me concern end to me . anyway ,

message 13: by Yurie (new)

Yurie | 5 comments Hello! I'm travelling to the UK next month. Is there going to be a march on the 5th? Cool!

I heard there will be another women's march in Washington on the 8th. Do you know whether London will hold one on that day too?

message 14: by Nina (new)

Nina Merry | 8 comments Evening people, I haven't been on for a while and I missed the March event due to my daughter being ill. I would still love to meet people and pick their brains while I'm learning more :)

message 15: by Ross (last edited Mar 28, 2017 05:39AM) (new)

Ross | 1444 comments sure there would be a few of us up for meeting IFL. we have met a couple of times for March and events. but no reason we could not get together just for a chat.

somewhere central in London would be good.

message 16: by Briony (new)

Briony (naiadra) | 58 comments Hey all I missed March too, would be great if we could get enough people up for another one soon too... anyone free in April?!

message 17: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments April woks for me anyone else out there : )

message 18: by Jade (new)

Jade Louvat (jadekimcannelle) | 21 comments I am free in April :)

message 19: by Áine (new)

Áine Ashby | 8 comments I would love to join in if a meet up is going on! I am a student in London and have only recently joined the group but am thoroughly enjoying the reads and learning more! Would be lovely to meet some of you :)

message 20: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments I would be happy to meet up in London as well :) Anyone have a particular day/time in mind? People might be away for the Easter holiday. . .

message 21: by Áine (new)

Áine Ashby | 8 comments I am currently at home for Easter break but am back in London on Easter Monday.

message 22: by Katie (new)

Katie | 7 comments I would love to join as well :)

message 23: by Áine (new)

Áine Ashby | 8 comments Hey everyone, was wondering if any of you are still up for meeting? Anyone free on bank holiday Monday? Or suggest a time when you are free :) x

message 24: by Myrrhe (new)

Myrrhe | 2 comments Hi all! I would also really like to meet with people in London to discuss the books and topics, and meet new people :) are there still people interested?

message 25: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Hello ! I will be in London from 17 July to 21 July.
These are my holidays so i will be busy but i may have a little time for a meeting.

message 26: by Gabby (new)

Gabby  Thorpe (diaryofabibliophagist) | 51 comments If there is one happening I'm interested!

message 27: by Katie (new)

Katie | 7 comments Same here :)

message 28: by Myrrhe (new)

Myrrhe | 2 comments Cool! Arnaud, it would of course be nice if you can join :) I do work in the evening though so I would only be able to meet in the morning/afternoon.. From 17 to 21 July I start everyday from 15.30. So for me it doesn't really matter what day, but I will just say something to get things started: what about Wednesday the 19th?

message 29: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Wednesday 19th is too busy for me. I do a Harry Potter walking tour in the morning and will see HP and The Cursed Child at 14.00

I have tuesday and friday mornings available.

message 30: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Is there a good place to meet in London to discuss ?

message 31: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments Perhaps there is a large coffee shop in central London that we could use? Although with the weather being so nice, we could meet in a park :)

I'm available most evenings after 4pm and most Friday-Monday anytime.

It would be nice to set up a monthly or bi-monthly meeting. I guess we need an organizer . . .

message 32: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments i was wondering... maybe we could meet where our dear Emma liked to have such a meeting to discuss about feminism. Do you have an idea of this place ?

message 33: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Why not Canonbury Square ?

There is tea room called The Place not far from the square. Maybe we could have a meeting here.

message 34: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments There is a book shop just up the road from the Haymarket where the cursed child is staged. It has a coffee shop, seems to tick all the boxes for a London meet up given the audience :)

message 35: by Arnaud (last edited Jul 08, 2017 12:19AM) (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Wherever you guys want. :)
We just have to decide not to late.

I will wear my HeForShe badge for the meeting.

message 36: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Another idea : if you can afford it, we could meet at Town House Kensington Hotel and have a Beauty and The Beast Tea Time.
What do you guys think ?

message 37: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments sounds good can't go wrong with BATB :)

message 38: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments So let's have the meeting here ! :D Anyone else ?

message 39: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments Just my two cents. . . although the tea at the hotel sounds great, in the interest of being inclusive and open to all members (if that is indeed the idea behind this meeting), it would probably be better to meet in a more affordable space.

Has a day and time been decided yet?

message 40: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments An affordable place would be indeed better.
We didn't decide but friday would be better for me as i will be very busy the other days.

message 41: by Arnaud (last edited Jul 11, 2017 04:16AM) (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Do you guys would like to get a badge with the logo of the group ? I can do HeForShe badges too.

Guys, let's do that on Friday. I let you choose the time and the location. :)

message 42: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments How about Russel Square Park with a picnic for midday ?

message 43: by Su11 (new)

Su11 | 3 comments Hi everyone, please do count me in when this meet up does take place :)

message 44: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments It would be a pleasure. But there is no confirmation of the meeting now. And no answer for the location and time of the meeting. :(

message 45: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments I can meet tomorrow (Friday 21 July) at Russell Square Park midday if anyone else is in.

message 46: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Great ! I'll be here at midday too ! I will wear a Gryffindor sweater. My back pack has badges too.

message 47: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 13 comments Any particular time? We can meet near the fountain at the center of the park.

message 48: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Let's meet at the fountain so. :)
I can be here at 12 pm. There might be a few people with me.

message 49: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments we are at Russel Square. Only two of us. Come on !

message 50: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments It was so great to meet Hannah at Russel Square. So lovely :D
I wished we could have been more people involved.
I hope one day, we could meet Emma to discuss about feminism. :)

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