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message 1: by Aislinn (new)

Aislinn | 150 comments I don't think I'll be much use to you. I haven't looked into Street Teams at all.

The one thing that I will say is that as far as I can tell, being on a Street Team is a lot of work. It seems a little unfair to expect your friends and family to do that just because they liked your Facebook page. However, I'm not sure how you build up a Street Team from scratch, because all the ones I've heard of are through very popular authors with big fanbases.

I did find this article, which looks like it would be a good jumping off point!

Good luck!

message 2: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Lynch (cllynchauthor) | 316 comments Getting advance reviews helps find fans, but Street Teams are easier to build for sequels. Im going to use my first book to build a street team for my second.

message 3: by B.C. (new)

B.C. Shannon (BCShannon) | 4 comments Find as many blogger/reviewers as you can on Facebook and ask them for advice. Most of them attend signings regularly and are a wealth of knowledge. Good luck to you!

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