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Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Is anyone else planning a Year of Yes after reading Shonda's story? I just finished it and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also, any ideas for discussion questions?

Meagan Moss (mwmoss) There are topics and questions for discussion at the back of my copy!

Love, J (jennem) | 52 comments Can't wait to discuss!
There are questions at the back of mine too.

message 4: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle (wakeangel) | 3 comments Yes!!! Already started it this year! Whoo-hoo! Looking forward to a fun filled year of new and fun things! :)

Love, J (jennem) | 52 comments Half of my post didn't post lol!
Can't wait to discuss!
There questions at the back of my book too.
My year of Yes started in december. I'm so ready to start new things.

Stephanie Snyder (theloquaciousmom) | 10 comments I feel like my year of yes started last year. I've started to say yes to new experiences that I wouldn't normally gravitate to. But this year, I am going to practice more of saying yes to "no".

Chelsea (chelseaschwartz) | 18 comments I am not through this book (only on Chapter 4 - started yesterday), and I'm not sure what there will be to 'say yes' to in terms of this book... I am however taking a huge uncomfortable leap and finally doing something I've wanted to do for a very long time and becoming an independent contractor with a travel agency to become a Disney Vacation Planner. While I am SO excited to start this, I am completely terrified of failing at it; of managing it; of really starting my own career out of nothing and hopefully being able to provide the life my husband and I want for our family rather than what we have been able to manage with the last 7 years. Here's to new things!!

Chelsea (chelseaschwartz) | 18 comments I guess that's kind of saying 'yes' to myself

Love, J (jennem) | 52 comments I hope that you are successful in your endeavors, Chelsea! That sounds awesome!

Leane I just starting reading it last night.

Chelsea, that's awesome! Good luck!!!

Sarah Piper (hope5980) | 22 comments I have definitely been saying yes. After reading "Year of Yes" I dove into "The Happiness Project", "30 Day Push" and am currently racing "Spirit Driven Success". I have a list of goals and plans that I will be saying yes to this year. More time having fun but still diving in with both feet to a health, fitness and life coaching business. This book was a great way to motivate me to get started and get over some of my own fears.
Can't wait to participate in my first discussion with everyone and hear your thoughts.

Tanelle Nash I finished it a few weeks ago. I actually took a lot of her words to heart. Since finishing I have found myself saying yes to a lot more. I will take more time to play with my kids when they ask. I took on the chair position of a board I sit on

Robin (rwaggs) | 16 comments YES Lisamarie! I sooo need to have more yes in my life. Like Shonda, I'm a hider and eater so her words really resonated with me. Great choice to kick of 2017!!

Jayna | 10 comments I am going to say yes to some things (like being on one committee at work, performing with my dance class, and those small things), but I have other things I need to say no to as well. I am more of a yes person as a rule. I am full of yes, yes, yes so much that I need to choose my yeses more wisely with a focus on what is most important because I do not have much help (and what I have is one gal for about an hour who is maybe 60% consistent and reliable to pick up my kids once a week but if she gets scheduled at her real job I spend hours searching for a replacement). So, I cannot do it all but I sure am responsible for making it all happen with some degree of efficiency. Praise God for not making me type A.

Elyse (whitworthen) | 2 comments This definitely wasn't the usual type of book I read... but I'm SO glad I did. Loved the book! Definitely planning on a year of YES!

I'm new to the Paper & Glam book club and haven't participated in a discussion yet... but I think some good discussion questions might be:

* What did you like/dislike about the book?
* How has Shonda's story inspired you?
* Has it discouraged you in any way?
* What are some areas that we (as women) can/should say YES to more often?

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Cheryl Findeisen | 1 comments @sarahpiper how do you read so many books?? I gave to a to read and just can't get through them. I have the Year of Yes and haven't started yet. That will be my top priority so I can participate in my first discussion with y'all.

message 17: by Tracy (new)

Tracy  Deanne (goodreadscomtracy_deanne) | 1 comments I read this book last January for the first time. I took on the idea of opening myself up to more opportunities. I now live in a new city with a new job and I love them both. This book got me out of a funk I didn't even realize I was in. I re-read it for this book club and I have a date tomorrow. I haven't been on a date since September 2015. This was a much needed wake up call to "live my best life".

Colleen | 4 comments Meagan wrote: "There are topics and questions for discussion at the back of my copy!"
Mine too

Colleen | 4 comments I have a chapter and one-half to go, almost done!

Sarah Piper (hope5980) | 22 comments @CherylFindeisen ... I read pretty fast so that helps and I am really into personal development right now. Anything that isn't a text book is better now that I'm done with college!

Christina Bottoms | 2 comments I loved the book. I felt that shonda was speaking right to me!

message 22: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Marois I was reading it really quickly until the last few chapters I am not sure why that is but I want to reread those last few chapters again, maybe there is a lesson in there for me. I will definitely be looking at adding a few more yeses to my life as I find I identify with her in more than one paticular

Kaitlyn Krna | 11 comments I really enjoyed this book and I'm glad that it was chosen for January! I am considering starting a Year of Yes and being willing to open myself up to new opportunities. I feel like Shonda was speaking right to me for a lot of the book. So excited to hear everyone's thoughts during Book Club!

message 24: by Shannon (new) - added it

Shannon (shylersmom) | 2 comments Tracy wrote: "I read this book last January for the first time. I took on the idea of opening myself up to more opportunities. I now live in a new city with a new job and I love them both. This book got me out o..."

I love that you posted! Reading this was touching!!! Congratulations!

Heather | 14 comments I'm glad so many ladies gleaned helpful information from the book. My favorite part was the analogy of Whitney Houston's hair/wig as related to parenting. It's so easy to see "perfect moms" on Pinterest and social media. But guess what? No one is perfect! They have help (spouse, older kids, parents, neighbors, cleaning lady, manicurist, etc) that we don't see. They also have failures and struggles and sins that we don't see. Remember the "perfect" part that we see is a "wig" and don't beat yourself up trying to obtain that on your own. It won't happen! Accept help and be okay with that. :)

On the down side, sometimes Shonda was very off-putting. I found myself very upset by some of her insinuations and comments about conservatives.

Heather | 14 comments Insinuations and comments

Robin (rwaggs) | 16 comments My favorite LOL moment was her talking about her Ken doll: "functional and ornamental"

Colleen | 4 comments Robin wrote: "My favorite LOL moment was her talking about her Ken doll: "functional and ornamental""

I did a LOL as well with that one...

message 29: by T (new) - rated it 5 stars

T Holland (tholland) | 2 comments Just finished the book & LOVED it. As a Scandal fan, it was funny to read some parts as those fast-talking monologues that are common in the show. It's definitely a memoir and self-help in the best way. I'm also thinking of my own Year of Yes.

message 30: by Raenee (new)

Raenee Young | 1 comments I'm usually a huge fan of books about life and going after your passion . But this book I didn't like it as much a few points I was like cry cry tears why do you make me feel so emotional Shonda everytime you hit me in the feels but other parts I was like omg are you done talking get to the point already .

I do however feel like saying a year to yes I something everyone should do. I'm starting my year to yes soon

Lindsay Gentles I love the first 3/4 of the book and was all ready for 5-star review but something about the ending was so off-putting to me. I still can't put my finger on exactly what it was that turned me off but I found myself struggling to finish it. Seems like I may be alone on that though...

Maureen (mlhanlon99) | 2 comments I love how she was able to change during her year of yes. I'm glad her book has been so positive for so many people. I, however had a difficult time reading this book. I couldn't put my finger on it but, I wasn't a fan of the tone of the book. I don't know how else to describe it but, it wasn't my favorite. However I'm so glad that it has helped and encouraged so many people. I really should watch some of her shows. I haven't seen any of them. I'm sure they are good. :-)

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Lindsay wrote: "I love the first 3/4 of the book and was all ready for 5-star review but something about the ending was so off-putting to me. I still can't put my finger on exactly what it was that turned me off b..."

Lindsay, I am right there with you! I loved the book but the end was tough and I can't figure out quite why....

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Year of Yes!

Here are tomorrow night's discussion questions and a link to The Watchroom:

Ice Breaker - What non-P&G Book Club book are you reading right now? and/or What non-P&G Book Club book are you most excited to read in 2017?

Discussion Questions

1. How many stars would you rate Year of Year and what was your experience reading the book?

2. What was your favorite story or quote from Shonda?

3. Did Shonda's growth change your outlook on your own behavior or inspire change in your own life for 2017?

4. Shonda writes about the importance of uninterrupted time for yes, for love, for what makes us happy; with no cell phones, laundry, or growing to-do lists to get in the way. What can you do in your own life to be more present?

5. Shonda describes herself as a F.O.D. - First. Only. Different. Have you had experience being an F.O.D. or did Shonda’s story inspire you to be one in any way?

6. If you loved Year of Yes, you’ll also enjoy _____?

Anything to add to our discussion?

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


message 35: by Indy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Indy (indy1527) | 2 comments I really enjoyed this book and it was great to see her growth. Sometimes we just need to take a step back & treat ourselves better. I love her approach to motherhood, I feel the same way. I think I can definitely have a year of yes.

Amelia Castillo | 5 comments I read many people had trouble getting through this book. I really enjoyed her writing style it was witty, uplifting, and at time informative. Without a doubt her Year of yes made her a stronger more positive person and while I was also put off by some things towards the end of the book, overall I enjoyed it. I take away with me the idea that saying yes to the things we fear most or may want to do least, can possibly propel me towards the things I wish for most.

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