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emma (theonlytanman) | 611 comments Full name: Darby Elle Macmillan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Job (Student, teacher, etc.)
Interest (if student, what you're studying): Student / Creative Arts / Sings
Extra Curricular Activities: Gymnastics + Swimming



Darby has short caramel brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. She sometimes dies it blond. She also has a nose piercing in the right side of her nose. She has olive skin and a thick British accent. She often wears sweaters with boyfriends jeans and beat up sneakers or sweat shirts with jean shorts, converse, and an Oakland A's cap.
Other markings or accessories: N/A


Personality: Darby is very outgoing and athletic. She often likes to talk, and she can be known as a chatterbox but that is because she has a lot to say and a little bit of time to say it. She is very silly and quirky and she isn't afraid to show her wild side, which consists of making music videos in her dorm room and taking selfies.

History: Darby grew up singing songs by Alicia Keys, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. She got on stage when she was four and she sang a Alicia Keys song, which her family still had on tape and she will never show anybody. When she was seven she was introduced to gymnastics and she was nine when she won two gold medals in her gymnastics championship. When she was twelve she started swimming and even though she didn't win any of her swimming races, she came in third and she ached to come in first, she still loved the game.

- lobster
- music, mostly indie
- powdered sugar. Nobody knows why.
- pickles
- that tape of her when she was four.
- showoffs.
Relationship status: N/A + up for relationship!
Family at the academy: Her brother, Tanner Macmillan.
Friends at the academy (optional, if you want to list them): N/A + up for friends!

Horse (optional): N/A

Other: N/A

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emma (theonlytanman) | 611 comments Full name: Tanner Joza Macmillan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Job (Student, teacher, etc.)
Interest (if student, what you're studying): Student / Technology / He is an expert coder and he knows how to make video games.
Extra Curricular Activities: Baseball


Tanner has blue eyes, but they are always covered up by his dark sunglasses because he is blind. He has a thick British accent. He has dark brown hair, pale skin, and he often wears flannel shirts and black jeans with a black brimmed hat and sneakers. He also has a red burn on the side of his neck that looks a lot like a giant red puddle that has been splashed in.
Other markings or accessories: N/A

Personality: Tanner is very quiet and very geeky. You can mostly see him with his head in a book or his eyes glued to a computer screen, playing a popular computer game. He is very nice to everybody that he meets and he smiles his signature pearly white smile. Once you get to get past that really quiet side, Tanner is very outgoing and lovable.

History: Tanner found out that he was blind when he was four. That day he couldn't see. His parents and his sister were very worried and concerned about the rest of his life. He spent the days doing tests to make sure that he was actually blind and sadly he was. However, that didn't stop Tanner from doing the things that he loved.

When Tanner was ten, he hit a grand slam in his Little League baseball game, causing his team to go to state. Then, he learned how to code and make video games and apps. He made a funny app for himself called 'FlubMellow,' a game about a talking marshmallow repeating anything that he said.

- leather jackets.
- alternative music.
- science fiction.
- mushrooms.
- super mario.
- cartoons.
Relationship status: OPEN.
Family at the academy: Darby Macmillan, sister
Friends at the academy (optional, if you want to list them): OPEN.

Horse (optional): N/A

Other: N/A

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emma (theonlytanman) | 611 comments Full name: Florence Michelle Macmillan
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Job : Medicine teacher
Interest: She really loves learning about the medicine.
Extra Curricular Activities: She loves softball and she often plays sometimes even though she doesn't do well.



Other markings or accessories: N/A

Personality: Florence has a huge heart for her kids and the other students at Blue Lake Academy. When she teaches her medicine class, she goes very hard on her students because she believes that everybody should have a challenge when they are paired up together working or working all by their self. She is serious at times, but other times she is very nice and understanding. She will always be there for a student when they need to talk.

History: Florence grew up as the smartest person in her class. She went to college when she was sixteen and graduated when she was twenty. Then, she started doing medicine work just for fun around the house. practicing on what may happen anywhere. Then, she got offered a job at Blue Lake and she gladly accepted.

- a challenge.
- math.
- her family.
- people who give up.
- way too much homework.
- ice.
Relationship status: Open
Family at the academy:
Friends at the academy (optional, if you want to list them): Any of the teachers.

Horse (optional): N/A

Other: - She is also British.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 611 comments

----- EMILY CANESSA -----


Full name: Emily Robin Canessa
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Job (optional): N/A
Role: Student
Interest: Goverment
Extra Curricular Activities: Gymnastics / Softball / Cooking

Appearance: Emily has long blond hair that goes down to her waist. It usually has brown highlights. She is around 5'5 and she often wears boho clothing most of the time to school. She has fair skin and a couple of freckles here and there. She also has a birthmark on her right cheek. She is very slim and weighs about 110 lbs. She is also fluent in French, but she barely uses it. English is her native language.
Other markings or accessories: N/A

Personality: Emily isn't afraid to say what she has on her mind. She is headstrong, independent, and confident. She also wants to be a leader one day, so those qualities help her out a lot. She is very quirky and geeky and she really likes to imagine and pretend half of the time.

History: Emily grew up with her parents, Jennifer and David Canessa. She grew up doing ballet just for fun along with gymnastics and softball. However, all of the women doing amazing things around the world caught her eye at the age of seven. They were doctors, lawyers, teachers, and so much more. Emily wanted to be a part of the amazing women who did things for the country. She wanted to work for the government.

At first, her parents were amazed. Her father was shocked by her sudden interest in the government, but he had soon grown proud of his daughter. Her mother was extremely proud of her because she was the head of Blue Lake Academy.

As Emily worked on her government work for a long time, she also acted as Anne in "Anne of the Green Gables," got a role in the ballet "Swan Lake," and she got to speak in front of a group of college students about why she was trying her hardest to work in the government one day.

- books.
- country music.
- quilted blankets.
- bullies.
- guns.
- gum full of sugar.
Relationship status: open.
Family at the academy: Jennifer Canessa and David Canessa
Friends at the academy (optional, if you want to list them): open

Horse (optional): She has a white horse named Star.

Other: N/A.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 611 comments

----- MAXON MONER -----


Full name: Maxon Josh Moner
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Job: Lifeguard
Role: Student
Interest: Government
Extra Curricular Activities: Cooking + Baseball

Appearance: Maxon has brown hair that is often messed up. It sticks out all of the time and is often covered in sweat because he jumps around in his room, pretending that he in a really famous rock band. He is very slim and he has a rocker style, so you can often see him wearing skinny jeans with holes, graphic tees, and leather jackets with ankle boots. On a hot summer day you can usually see him wearing a short sleeve cut off shirt with jean shorts. He is also 6'1.
Other markings or accessories: N/A, but he wears a ton of rubber bracelets advertising runs for cancer or rock bands.

Personality: Maxon is often a flirt, but he doesn't show it. After all, he has to be a good person around everybody because his parents make him and he is actually a good person. He is sweet, kind, caring, but he is very wild and hyper most of the time. He is always up and going and very active. Plus, he loves to sing and tap his pencils on his desk. He also tends to annoy people most of the time just to see them go crazy.

History: Maxon was raised by his super rich parents. He was a very spoiled kid who got everything that he wanted. When he was ten, he got a guitar and he learned to play it in a total of two months. Then, in his free time, he played gigs at coffee shops and birthday parties. Mostly the parents got him because of their looks. That is probably why he was paid to go to teen girl birthday parties.

Maxon was pushed into government because of his parents. His father worked sometimes for the White House and his mother was a lawyer. He decided that he had to make them happy, so he chose to do what his parents did even though it isn't that fun for him. However, he still enjoys it.

- TV
- anything upbeat and fast.
- race cars.
- anything gooey.
- blimps, don't ask.
- trolls.
Relationship status: open.
Family at the academy: open.
Friends at the academy: open.

Horse: N/A.

Other: - Maxon knows how to play the mandolin, saxophone, and sing.
- He loves to do livestreams where he plays music for all of the people watching.

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----- XANDER CRAFT -----


Full name: Xander Madison Craft
Age: 16
Gender: Male.

Job: N/A
Role: Student
Interest: Sports
Extra Curricular Activities: Basketball and Football

Appearance: Xander often wears his black framed Clark Kent glasses or his wired glasses, but sometimes he wears his contacts because he can't stand his glasses sometimes. He often wears hoodies, jeans with holes at the knees, and a beat up pair of sneakers. You can usually see in with earbuds in his ears. He has a thick Australian accent. He has short blond hair, fair skin, and a brown freckle on his left cheek.
Other markings or accessories: N/A

Personality: Xander is very nerdy and quiet. He mostly really likes to play his red electric guitar, but not in front of people. He tends to stutter and lot and he doesn't really like to talk to a lot of people, but he is hoping to meet some new friends at the academy. Once you get to know Xander, he really loves to tell you about the newest novel that he read that is mostly about music or the history of sports. He will also tell you funny stories about nonsense.

History: Xander grew up with his grandparents. His parents were constantly traveling with each other to dig sites. Xander and his grandparents were never really that close, so Xander spent his days going outside and he always tried to find a koala that was hidden in his backyard, which he did quite a few or many times before.

Xander also grew up playing basketball with the kind kids who lived in his neighborhood and football with the kids at his school. He also played his guitar, but it wasn't something that he actually wanted to do. He wants to play sports when he grows up or maybe he wants to be a sports broadcaster. He had no idea which one though, but he is leaning towards the sports broadcaster.

- spaghetti.
- the world.
- books.
- spinach.
- staying in one spot for too long.
- paper bookmarks.

Relationship status: He has a crush on Light, but however they have never even talked before.
Family at the academy: N/A
Friends at the academy (optional, if you want to list them): Comment!

Horse (optional): He has a light gray horse named Bullseye with black spots.
Other: N/A

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----- SKANDER HAYES -----


being real is powerful

FULL NAME: Skander Fin Hayes
AGE: 15
JOB: Student
INTEREST: Education
EXTRA ACTIVITES: Cooking and Horse Riding.

APPERANCE: Skander is very slim and he is around one hundred and ten pounds. You can often see him in a t-shirt with his favorite band logo, usually the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. He usually has his headphones in with a beanie on. He has a thick British accent and dark short hair that is usually stuck to his forehead. He also has brown eyes with brown freckles underneath.

PERSONALITY: Skander is very shy. He doesn't really talk at all when somebody approaches him, friend or foe. He is really smart and is a total geek. Once yoy get to know him. you know that he adores Italian food and black and white movies. He is also very chirpy and a total fanboy once you get to know him very well. However, he doesn't like to spend too much time outside. He says that he is allergic to the sunlight and his education means the world to him, besides his pet hamster Pipsqueak.

HISTORY: Skander grew up playing school with his parents and his rubber ducks. Those years he knew that he really wanted to be a teacher. Even though most of his teachers were often stressed, he made their day by grading papers for them and helping them out by not going to P.E, which was relief to Skander because he hated P.E just because of dodgeball. After he got accepted into the academy for the education class, he was beyond thrilled. He couldn't wait to further his education there.

anything is possible

- bands.
- noodles.
- chocolate pudding.
- strawberries.
- new tv shows.
- werewolves.

FAMILY: Up for collab.
FRIENDS: Comment.
HORSE: He has an adorable brown horse with white spots named Sherlock Winston the Third. Don't ask where he got the name because he will go on and on about it forever.

take a breath and take control

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