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message 1: by Lina (new)

Lina | 539 comments What are your thoughts on the books? Did you like them? Who is your favorite or least favorite character?

message 2: by Savanna (new)

Savanna (savanna24) | 15 comments I just finished The Last Star yesterday and I really enjoyed it! I would say my favorite character is Ben and my least favorite is Megan.

message 3: by Ayman (new)

Ayman Naz (lantsovs_shadow) I didnt like the fifth wave much...I thought it was too slow and the characters didnt develop much but the plot was nice

message 4: by JoBeth (new)

JoBeth | 65 comments I liked the series overall, but the first book was definitely my favorite. Cassie was my favorite character throughout the books, and I despise Evan. He just annoyed me. I thought the Infinite Sea was a bit slow but the ending made up for it. The Lat star was similar, but I loved the ending. It was super sad though...

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