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J.A. Hailey | 3 comments Practically all reviews say this is a romance novel. So should be ok to list here. And on KU, too...

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Veronica Scott | 497 comments Mod
Does it have a central love story and a Happily Ever After or Happy For Now ending? Otherwise it'd be scifi with romantic elements, which is also fine to talk about here....but romance readers have certain definite expectations if a book is labelled as romance.

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J.A. Hailey | 3 comments Hi,
The book is labeled as SciFi.
It does have a central love story, and I have been promoting it elsewhere as - A World told in a Love Story.
But it is not genre Romance, and readers of genre romance are not being enticed to read this book. A million other titles...
However, even readers who are not specifically looking for romance might get pleasantly sucked into this one.
It is different on every imaginable count - different in SciFi itself!
It is book One of a Trilogy, so the end is some distance away.
Try it. You cannot lose. It's free for KU. And I'm ready to send a couple of mobis free to those not in KU. Message me.

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J.A. Hailey | 3 comments Hi,
I'll add a bit.
This is on page one (so also part of the free sample on Amazon).
" would be their remarkable love story that would shape screenside at stunning speed." So love is pretty central to the plot.
It is SciFi, and a world is being created.
No space travel, no time travel, no FTL, no Alien Invasion, no ugly things, no war. It is here and now. Their 'physicality' celebration party was held in Manhattan, New Year's Eve 2015-2016!!!
And MOST IMPORTANLY it is not a parasitical continuation of an established stage/ world/ format/ law, set by the likes of the greats - Asimov, Herbert, Clarke.
This is the very start of its OWN WORLD. The very start! Romance, no. Love Story? Absolutely. What else does one get, when the heroine is an impulsive, lawless virtual who is revered by her entire world, and is the greatest beauty in the known universe?
Read it, if you want to go out of that round and round...

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