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message 1: by Rico (new)

Rico Caminse | 3 comments Hello Guys!

I am new to this site and I am still getting the hang of it. I am currently looking for professional business/technology book reviewers from the site and I am hoping you can help me get in touch with them. This is a paid job. Please help me. Big thanks everyone!

*Must have a professional experience for book reviews (business or technology) typically journalists or dedicated reviewers for business magazines and newspapers.
*Currently or Previously employed to Publishing Companies or Related Institution (Freelancers are allowed but must have a strong and reliable online portfolio)
*Native speaker is an advantage but not required

message 2: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 13793 comments Good luck with your search for reviewers, Rico! Please, bear in mind different rules of different sites (Amazon, Goodreads, etc) regarding paid reviews, their admissibility, placement and disclosures...

message 3: by Rico (new)

Rico Caminse | 3 comments I see. Thanks Nik. I'll look into that.

Roughseasinthemed | 129 comments Rico, can you add a bit more about what you actually want? That's if you still decide on paid reviews of course. You can pay on Amazon and use the content on your author page, rather than as a review. Pm me if you want more general info. I'm a qualified journalist, a paid reviewer and I have an MBA so I might be able to help, even if only to point you in the right direction.

message 5: by Rico (new)

Rico Caminse | 3 comments I sent you a direct message. Thank you very much.

Roughseasinthemed | 129 comments No probs. Replied. Although something ate my first attempt!

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