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Eric Kapitan (eric_kapitan) | 21 comments Hello, fellow horror readers!

I have created this thread to tell you about my upcoming book Burning Down paradise. It falls in the genre of horror/dark fantasy and is told in poetry form. It's an epic poem written in narrative poetry style. When people ask me what it's about I tell them It's Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer Meets Hellraiser.

Timothy has lived his life not knowing much about his sordid and violent past and how he came to be on this Earth. He’s a loner, never staying in one place for long, and the reason is simple. Timothy is a serial killer. He gets his kicks from the deaths of others. He chooses a particular looking woman each time and the more brutal and bloody the killing is, the more he feels alive.

But there is something which haunts even him. A woman, who drifts in and out of his consciousness and is always lurking in the shadows. She is his ideal victim, but he knows little about her, except that she is from his past.

When Timothy eventually makes the wrong choice with his final victim, he loses his own life in the process and is sent to Hell. Now it becomes apparent to him that death is simply just the beginning of his journey and that his true destiny awaits. A devastating war between Heaven and Hell is coming. It threatens to engulf everything and Timothy is right at the center of it.

And when he discovers the true identity of the mystery woman, it is a shocking revelation which will consume him even quicker than the fires which are already licking at his feet. He’s in for a Hell of a time.
Burning Down Paradise by Eric Kapitan

The book comes out in both Paperback and Amazon Kindle 02/14. You can pre-order the kindle version here for only 99 cents.

I'm running a goodreads giveway for a signed copy of the book that ends on it's release date 02/14/17

Check out the book trailer-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uooEA...

Comments and questions are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I will be sure to provide updates as well as other cool stuff in this thread in the coming months

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Eric Kapitan (eric_kapitan) | 21 comments With only 8 more days to go til Burning Down Paradise is released I wanted to share with you all the first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
Heaven and Hell

God does exist.
Before the creation of anything,
God was a force surrounded by darkness.

Having traveled through the darkness for so long,
he began to grow tired of the depressing emptiness that came with it. With the use of his power and energy, God created a bright, warm light. With this light he would build upon his ultimate creation.

God created his kingdom,
a beautiful place he called Heaven,
filled with white and warm colors.

To fill this kingdom, God created angels,
powerful creatures with white skin and dovelike wings.
They lived to serve God in Heaven.
The most beautiful was Lucifer,
God’s favorite angel,
an angel He trusted.

As time went on, God yearned to create more.
He started to create a new kingdom,
a world very different from Heaven.
God would populate this world with creatures who, unlike angels, had a choice of how to live.

Lucifer quietly grew jealous.
He always wondered what free will would be like,
to not have to worship and serve God.

His anger grew in silence until he learned of God’s next choice.
These new creations of God not only had free will,
but they also had an expiration date.

When they ceased to exist, their souls would float to the kingdom to join God and His angels. Having to share the paradise with these bastard creations did not sit well with Lucifer.

This led him to share his dissatisfaction and anger with God.
His complaint fell on deaf ears. Frustrated, he shared his anger with the other angels. Some stood by Lucifer, while others remained loyal to God.

A divide grew in the kingdom of Heaven.
A battle between God and Lucifer was brewing.

They waged war.
Angel against angel,
God versus His once-favored creation.

Lucifer and his followers would lose.
Their punishment was severe.
Their wings taken away,
cut off by God’s golden sword.

Copyright Eric Kapitan

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Eric Kapitan (eric_kapitan) | 21 comments If your on facebook, be sure to check out the event my Burning Down Paradise Release Party.

I hope you can attend and please feel free to invite your friends

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Eric Kapitan (eric_kapitan) | 21 comments Burning Down Paradise is now available in kindle and paperback format. Follow the link below!

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