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L.D. Rose (ldrose) | 19 comments Hey everyone! :)

I'm looking for honest reviews for my dark paranormal romance, Black Bullet, second in The Order of The Senary series. It's also heavy on urban fantasy for any UF fans. PDF ARCs available and I'm also willing to offer the first in the series (Releasing the Demons) for review if there's interest. :) Both novels contain explicit language, graphic violence, and sexual content.

Here's the blurb!


Fledgling vampire Jonathan Kerr has just met his match.

Not even his past life as a former Marine and FBI agent could prepare him for the battle against the monster inside him, struggling to take hold. After an old nemesis of the Senary surfaces in Brooklyn, unleashing chaos and terror in the battered borough, Jon sets out to take him down. Instead, he ends up with far more than he bargained for when he clashes with the beautiful half-vampire hybrid, Lawan Knight.

After escaping near death and suffering unspeakable horror at the hands of vampires, Lawan trusts no one, regardless of species. In between bouts of drunken stupor, her only goal is to exterminate all those who've wronged her, including every member of Jon's vampire bloodline. But Jon's soulful eyes and quick smile crawls under her skin, transforming her black and white world into a hazy shade of gray.

As the days rapidly grow darker, Jon and Lawan turn to one another, but their inner demons threaten to tear them apart. The only way either of them will survive is if they overcome their greatest fear--



Feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested! :) Thanks! <3

Netanella | 192 comments Hi L.D. - I'm down for an awesome vampire urban fantasy story with violence and sex. The series looks really good! I prefer things orderly, so #1 Releasing the Demon would be preferred.

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Dina (twidi) | 50 comments Hello, L.D. :) I read the blurb and your story sounds like something I'm craving to read.

would love to Read and Review if you don't mind. my email is twidi525(at)gmail(dot)com and I would love epub copy. with thanks in advance.

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L.D. Rose (ldrose) | 19 comments Netanella, great! Thank you! :) Do you mind messaging me your email address?

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L.D. Rose (ldrose) | 19 comments Dinna, awesome! :D Unfortunately I only have PDFs, is that okay with you?

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Dina (twidi) | 50 comments L.D. wrote: "Dinna, awesome! :D Unfortunately I only have PDFs, is that okay with you?"

sure, no worries :) thanks again!

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L.D. Rose (ldrose) | 19 comments Okay great! Will send it over now. :D

Netanella | 192 comments L.D. wrote: "Netanella, great! Thank you! :) Do you mind messaging me your email address?"

Hehehe sorry about that: thefortunateone.at.gmail.dot.com. Thanks!!

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L.D. Rose (ldrose) | 19 comments Netanella wrote: "Hehehe sorry about that: thefortunateone.at.gmail.dot.com. Thanks!!"

Awesome, will send it over! Thanks! :)

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